As is tradition when out with Colin and Ross we take a group selfie. #selfieswithoutgrant

IMG 4944

As is custom when I’m with Grant #SelfiesWithGrant

As is tradition when out on the town with Colin #selfieswithoutgrant

Raquel and James posing without Grant at the Carleton

Sometimes it is important to go back to the classic “Selfies with Grant”


the best friend @crobaricus and I could ask for. @grantisagrant #selfieswithoutgrant

Colin and James pretending Grant is between them

#selfieswithgrant also @crobaricus is here.

@rizzface @grantisagrant

Grant, Ross, and James at Paddy's Pub

#selfieswithgrant @crobaricus @rizzface @grantisagrant

James and Grant at Paddy's Pub

surreptitious #selfieswithgrant

@crobaricus @rizzface @RuSHSC2

James sneakily taking a photo of Grant in Paddy's Pub


James, Grant, and Ross in Paddy's Pub

attention those of you who know @grantisagrant

a new game has created. everyone post your #selfieswithgrant