Craft Draught Showdown – February 2021

Last night @crobaricus, @ziggityzig and I went out to The Carleton for another of their Craft Draught Showdowns. This time featuring Gahan House and Church Brewing

Stage setup with Gahan and Church banners

The Menu

Menu for the 5 course meal including the beer pairings


Atlantic salmon, pickled daikon, coconut milk, lime juice, dehydrated kimchi

Round 1 Beers

Round 1

Roasted Carrots

Miso glaze, sesame seeds, fermented turnips, citrus gremolata, crème fraiche

Round 2 Beers

Round 2


Creamy polenta, roasted wild mushroom, spinach, pine nuts

Round 3 Beers

Round 3


Charcoal pasta, pork ragú, pecorino.

Round 4 Beers

Round 4

Peanut Butter Bombe

Peanut butter mousse, rum, strawberry fluid gel.

Round 5 Beers

Round 5

Took the dogs to Peggy’s Cove to appreciate the sun shine. They collapsed immediately when we got home.

This morning was very sleepy as the pups tolerated us being on work calls.

Today is a big deal according to my watch. Not a bad motivator to start my day.

Hugo wants everyone to remember that Monday’s can be for lazy vibes.

Sun is shining on the fresh snowfall

Last night we started building The Happy Isles puzzle.

We made good progress but Raquel is very impatient to find out what the “reveal” is and did not like my suggestion that we pick away at the puzzle over the next few days.

They do make using a computer challenging, but I won’t trade the snuggles for anything.

Today, the 306th day of March 2020, we celebrate the end of this tire fire of a year.

A fire swing on fire

I definitely did not have “updating the firmware for my air fryer” on my 2020 list.

Even as an adult Christmas Eve makes me excited and it is super difficult to fall asleep

It is also important that my tree has a Zamboni on it.

Some Star Wars ornaments that are hidden on my Christmas tree

Tonight we trimmed the tree so it feels like Christmas finally.

I came across this tweet about the late 90s/early 00s design aesthetic and it resonated deeply with me and reminded me that I imported this PS4 controller because I loved it so much.

Crystal PS4 controller

Technology peaked at this aesthetic.

Clear Gameboy Color Clear N64 and controllers Clear PS2 controllers Original iMac colours

Source: Danny Sweeney via Twitter

The sun painted a pretty scene on the clouds before it disappeared

Last night my wife made us roast beef for dinner. Not content for the pedestrian pairing of mashed potatoes as a side she instead prepared cauliflower bites fried in a buffalo sauce.

I regularly catch myself subtly smiling to people when I walk by them and then realize that it is hidden by my mask.

I need to adopt some more elaborate mannerisms!

This afternoon’s dilemma, to watch the provincial Covid update and feel bad now or to learn the details later and feel bad then.

This entire year has been a strange adjustment to work and life. Today I was reflecting on whether my cat will ever adjust to having a second dog in the house.

Choosing to not go play hockey tonight hours before the rink is closed for a few weeks is probably one of the toughest calls I have had to make in 2020.

At the same time, staying home was also a real easy choice.

Halifax just announced a lot of new restrictions and rules to try and get our COVID cases back under control.

I’m thankful that I just did a grocery run so we have enough provisions to hunker down for a bit.

Nova Scotia is bordering on having to bring in more extreme COVID restrictions again as we have recorded more than a dozen cases recently.

Thankfully I am noticing an uptick in mask use and people following rules again which gives me hope.

The next four days are the typical maritime winter delay, alternating shorts & flip flops one day and having to put a sweater on the dog the next.

I look at my calendar and see nine consecutive meetings and my focus started to fade immediately. At least it is Friday!