It is also important that my tree has a Zamboni on it.

Choosing to not go play hockey tonight hours before the rink is closed for a few weeks is probably one of the toughest calls I have had to make in 2020.

At the same time, staying home was also a real easy choice.

It is a puzzling feeling to not be rooting against Philly for once.

The sooner this election is over and the NHL returns, the sooner balance will be restored 🏒🐧

Tonight is the first time since March that I get to play hockey.

My skates aren’t sharpened and this is the longest one been off the ice in 15 years.

At least I have freshly taped sticks. Looking good is 90% of being good… right?

Now that the play in round is finished and the first round starts tonight I have filled out the annual playoff bracket.

I have once again fallen for my personal biases and picked the Golden Knights as the champs.

2020 NHL Playoff Bracket with Vegas winning the Cup

It’s a big day! Late July is usually a dark time for hockey and I’m more than a bit excited that the NHL has managed to demonstrate some competence in their return to play.

Today featured a very different morning routine. Usually I watch highlights and read recaps of Hockey games from last night.

Picked up a case of beer tonight that was branded for “Hockey Parents”. I was not disappointed by the branded Puck inside.

Rural Hockey rinks really have the most welcoming signs

2018 Playoffs start tonight and so does my 2018 playoff beard!

Filled in a bracket for the playoffs and fell heavily for personal bias.

Also the idea of the pens beating the caps in round 2 is irresistible.

axemen vs x-men playoff hockey

Canadian Sledge Hockey Championship is on in Montreal.

Nova Scotia plays at 2 ADT and 7 ADT.

Watch the games

the tie says “legitimate head coach”.


Me wearing a Hockey Nova Scotia jacket and a shirt and tie next to a rink.

this weekend I’m reprising my role as “respectable adult”

My Hockey Nova Scotia Track Jacket and Lanyard

#playon Halifax update.


so very cold.

also more rain than I’ve ever seen.

the oval has become some sort of splash pad

#playon update

waiting for championship game.

is it over yet?

go turbo twisting dragons!

me sitting in the sun with a towel over my head

#playon update.

3-0 in the playoffs despite some close calls.

championship game in 20 minutes.

#playon day 1 update.

many wounds. finished the day 3-0. scored 27 goals and only allowed 5.

#playon update.

game 1: 12-2 mercy rule win game 2: 4-2 win (over defending champs.)

for now we rest

the Turbo Twisting Dragons on the sidelines

the tournament has begun #playon

Street hockey action in Moncton

If there is one thing I can rely on come playoff season it is the cbc’s ability to render games unviewable Garbled video playback on CBC's website

playoff beard season has begun.

my apologies to those of you who dislike it when my appearance approximates that of a caveman.

playoff time. #playon2013

Empty street hockey rink

it’s a good day for hockey

Play On 4 on 4 Street Hockey Tournament Poster