This entire year has been a strange adjustment to work and life. Today I was reflecting on whether my cat will ever adjust to having a second dog in the house.

Today was a very sleepy day in our home

Went for a sunset hike with Luna tonight while Raquel took Hugo to the pet store.

Luna has claimed this footstool as the ultimate sunbeam collector

Luna can make any possible position look warm and cozy as she pursues the sun beam.

Luna’s capacity for “chill” knows no limits

Now that the sun is going down so much earlier I am trying to train myself to stop working earlier and walk the dogs while it’s still light out.

When I take a break from my desk and see Luna I just want to wear her like a blanket.

It might be uncouth of me to say but Hugo and Luna are simply the best.

Some days I feel like I have to force a post to fit with #mbnov. Thankfully today’s word made that easier!

Here’s Luna following a sunspot.

Took advantage of the summer like weather this afternoon to appreciate the woods with Hugo and Luna

My blog is 90% dog photos and I am not ashamed of stooping to this level for internet attention

Luna is nearing her mid day nap

Took Luna on a little shopping trip yesterday to help prepare her Texan spirit for our dreary maritime winters.

Bonus birthday photos of Hugo as a puppy

Happy Birthday Hugo!

Today Hugo turns 6 and he has earned his nap times.

Every other photo of him on my photo for the last few weeks feature Luna climbing on him in some capacity or another.

A couple of sun dogs on a Sunday

Luna and Hugo hit peak “lazy Saturday vibes” this past weekend.

Luna is taking her Hurricane Teddy prep seriously.

I’m not even sure how she got under a blanket.

Luna and I left Hugo home this afternoon and went and explored a new trail around Long Lake

This afternoon Luna and Hugo both felt that one dog bed was in the ideal sun spot.

Today was bath day for the pups.

Hugo always has the best looks for us in his bathrobe.

Luna built herself a nap fort this morning.

These two know how to absolutely melt my heart.