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2020-10-26: Today Hugo turns 6 and he has earned his nap times. Every other photo of him on my photo for the …

2020-10-18: A couple of sun dogs on a Sunday

2020-10-17: Over the last five and a half years of wearing an Apple Watch I have developed a bit of a watch …

2020-10-16: Craft Draught Showdown – October 2020 Last night @crobaricus and I went out to The Carleton for another of their Craft Draught Showdowns. …

2020-10-13: Homemade peanut butter ice cream as an evening snack! Halifax, Nova Scotia 20:45 ADT #adayinthelife

2020-10-07: Tonight is the first time since March that I get to play hockey. My skates aren’t sharpened and this …

2020-10-06: Luna and Hugo hit peak “lazy Saturday vibes” this past weekend.

2020-09-22: Luna is taking her Hurricane Teddy prep seriously. I’m not even sure how she got under a blanket.

2020-09-12: Luna and I left Hugo home this afternoon and went and explored a new trail around Long Lake

2020-09-10: Step one in my 2020 home backup strategy is complete. Drives acquired, now I just have to wait for …

2020-09-09: I have spilled coffee on two white shirts before 10am today. ☕️

2020-09-08: For my birthday Raquel got me an ice cream maker attachment so tonight we are enjoying fresh peanut …

2020-09-08: This afternoon Luna and Hugo both felt that one dog bed was in the ideal sun spot.

2020-09-06: Today was bath day for the pups. Hugo always has the best looks for us in his bathrobe.

2020-09-05: I celebrated my birthday tonight as I always with some Derby Pie. This however is the first time the …

2020-09-01: Luna built herself a nap fort this morning.

2020-08-28: Craft Draught Showdown – August 2020 For the second time since March I went to a fancy dinner, and like the last time it was back to The …

2020-08-11: Now that the play in round is finished and the first round starts tonight I have filled out the …

2020-08-09: It’s been two years since I had gotten out for a ride. Thankfully a former coworker asked me to go …

2020-08-06: These two know how to absolutely melt my heart.

2020-08-05: Tonight Tak took a moment to enjoy the dog bed in the sun.

2020-08-01: Hugo has taken it upon himself to supervise all meal prep

2020-08-01: Hiked Up Middle Head today and got a good look at Cape Smokey and a rain shower in the distance.

2020-07-31: Luna and I are kicking off our little Cape Breton vacation by laying in the sun

2020-07-29: When I went to make lunch I discovered Luna had build herself a nest on the couch.

2020-07-28: This screen is a sight for sports weary eyes.

2020-07-28: It’s a big day! Late July is usually a dark time for hockey and I’m more than a bit excited that the …

2020-07-23: As is tradition when out with Colin and Ross we take a group selfie. #selfieswithoutgrant

2020-07-23: Craft Draught Showdown – July 2020 For the first time since the beginning of March I went out to dinner last night. One of my favourite …

2020-07-22: Happy Pi Approximation Day! As a Canadian and former math teacher today satisfies my desire for …

2020-07-21: This week marks 3 months at 1Password and last night I received a “swag” package. They definitely …

2020-07-21: I am not usually keen on Buzzfeed quizzes, but this one gave me some good chuckles this morning. …

2020-07-11: Luna played herself out and has moved into the “Treasure hoarding” phase of Saturday

2020-07-11: Lazy Saturday vibes.

2020-07-09: Apparently their lunch hour walk left the dogs tired enough that a bed no longer matters.

2020-07-09: Luna and Hugo have very different “morning nap” styles.

2020-07-05: Evidence of a successful trip was found on the drive home

2020-07-05: Went to Keji for the afternoon. Took the dogs for a hike and a swim. Everyone had a wonderful time …

2020-07-04: On Wednesday we took Luna to the ocean for the first time. She was skeptical of the waves and their …

2020-07-04: CARROT Weather really knows how to focus on the important events of July 4


2020-06-13: Started the day with a 5km walk and then the dogs had some quite time after their breakfast. When …

2020-06-11: Post breakfast Luna has settled in to wait while her people attend to their computers for a work …

2020-06-08: I was inspired by @grantisagrant taking photos of our dogs yesterday to get out my own DSLR and take …

2020-06-06: Our morning walk turned out to be bit rainier than I expected and Luna needed a little help warming …

2020-06-04: It’s always a challenge to get motivated on a Thursday

2020-06-03: I changed jobs a little over a month ago and yesterday I received a belated welcome pack!

2020-05-31: This is your Nova Scotian reminder that militarization of Police is not just a US problem. Last year …

2020-05-30: Siblings

2020-05-30: Thankfully on days like today I have furry friends to pick me up.

2020-05-30: It is a deeply unsettling feeling watching the news and knowing too many Canadian’s who think this …

2020-05-29: Hugo really knows how to be comfortable and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks

2020-05-28: It is a silly thing, but I was really excited to see this award pop up on my watch tonight.

2020-05-28: Today over lunch Luna learned about bubbles

2020-05-26: I am not a big proponent of rituals for sake of tradition, but I am very on board with how these …

2020-05-25: In honour of @grantisagrant, three years ago today Chris Kunitz broke the Ottawa Senators franchise.

2020-05-25: This is a perfect mix of cute and clever for Monday morning amusement.

2020-05-25: Hugo pretends like he doesn’t care that Luna is in his bed, but the moment Luna drops her guard he …

2020-05-25: Happy Towel Day you Hoopy Froods!

2020-05-23: The pups very much know how to take advantage of a nice day.

2020-05-20: Today I upgraded our home coffee setup to reflect working from home. Now we can have on demand …

2020-05-19: This morning Luna gently took a bone from Hugo while he was in his bed and ran off. To keep the …

2020-05-18: I can honestly say that I did not expect to spend my evening watching someone solve a sudoku puzzle. …

2020-05-18: It’s nice to see the western world on the same page, but this also feels profoundly unsettling at …

2020-05-16: An Afternoon of Snake-charming This past week marked two months of working from home full time so I made the choice to improve my …

2020-05-12: Two pups wondering when I’m going to put the computer away and take them outside for a walk.

2020-05-12: Working from the couch this afternoon and Luna is alert and keeping guard.

2020-05-11: Lunch hour dog pile.

2020-05-10: Sunday afternoon treats!

2020-05-09: For today’s adventure I donated blood wearing my TNG mask (compliments of @grantisagrant) I had no …

2020-05-08: I looked up from making coffee to see why the noise of the dogs playing had stopped.

2020-05-08: It rarely makes sense, but Hugo knows how maximize his comfort level

2020-05-07: I brought a waiting buddy to pickup groceries.

2020-05-06: Post supper sun nap.

2020-05-04: I primarily post dog photos these days, but today is Tak’s 13th birthday and he is still “top dog”.

2020-05-03: A 24 hour update on my homework experiment with using Cloudflare for my domain. Most of the traffic …

2020-05-02: That little sibling feeling

2020-05-02: A little post dinner cuddle pile.

2020-05-02: After my last post it is back to my regularly scheduled photos of doggos. This is how they “help” me …

2020-05-02: A little bit of Homework This past week I did a few homework projects applying some of the “best practices” from …

2020-04-30: Hugo and Luna are both enjoying the improved weather in the back half of this week.

2020-04-29: What a change a day can make!

2020-04-28: This isn’t the kind of view I like to discover when I look up from my work.

2020-04-28: Luna, having lived most of her life in Texas, is absolutely done with the snow today.

2020-04-27: Hugo sat outside the office for 10 minutes like this trying to convince Luna to leave me alone and …

2020-04-27: Having one of those off by one days Good thing I just recently had gone through and checked all my …

2020-04-26: This morning “Sharing is caring”. Mostly this involves a whole lot of FOMO and swapping bones every …

2020-04-25: I did the weekly grocery pickup today and this week we got all but one thing on the list. I am …

2020-04-25: I got an Apple Watch shortly after it was released in 2015, to replace my FitBit. Inspired by …

2020-04-25: Lazy Saturday vibes.

2020-04-23: I cannot adequately describe how excited I am for this new episode

2020-04-23: Family cuddle time tonight.

2020-04-20: The last 36 hours have been dark here in Nova Scotia but it is hard to feel too down when Luna lays …

2020-04-19: Luna and Hugo are determined to completely overwhelm us with cuteness.

2020-04-19: I have heard the term “dog pile” my entire life. I had no idea how adorable it could be in practice …

2020-04-19: Sunday morning routines. ☕️

2020-04-17: Luna is very appreciative that the work week has ended and I can focus on her.

2020-04-15: Took delivery of several litres of beer from a local brewer today. Looking forward to digging into …

2020-04-14: More baking tonight. Another round of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies ready for the cookie jar!

2020-04-13: It’s only been a fortnight since she joined us, but according to her paperwork today is Luna’s …

2020-04-12: Ten years ago I deemed it crucial to have a crib board and a deck of cards in my car at all times. …

2020-04-10: Thanks to @grantisagrant for taking this photo of Luna while she guarded the parcel I delivered to …

2020-04-08: Today Luna didn’t come to help with work. She just wanted me to know she misses me and wanted some …

2020-04-07: “Helping” with work this morning.

2020-04-06: With Luna in the house now chew toys are contested resources so Hugo has taken to sleeping with one …

2020-04-05: Tried something new tonight and made some hamburgers from scratch. Turned out pretty well!

2020-04-05: This week I finally got around to checking out this collection of upscaled macOS wallpapers and …

2020-04-04: Just finished up a little pre bedtime baking! Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies!

2020-04-04: Some bright news in this strange time. This week we welcomed Luna into our home and as of today we …

2020-04-02: Time flies when you are having fun! This quarantine period has really demonstrated this proverb in …

2020-03-29: I went to store my muffins in a container and discovered that we have managed to fill all of our …

2020-03-29: Tonight’s entertainment is coming via paper book.

2020-03-29: Did some quarantine baking this afternoon. Just simple banana muffins today, cookies will wait for …

2020-03-28: Had a great interaction with our local coffee roaster, Java Blend, today. I have only ever purchased …

2020-03-26: We were supposed to see Steve Poltz live next month here in Halifax but that’s been postponed. …

2020-03-25: This morning on my walk I was overwhelmed by how loud and constant the birds were. 🎶🐦

2020-03-24: A lovely March day! Working from home on a snowy day like this isn’t so bad.

2020-03-23: Reading this post was a perfect way to start a Monday So my dog has been so happy that everyone is …

2020-03-22: No matter what is happening in the world Hugo always reminds me that it is okay to relax

2020-03-16: Tak is soon to be 13 years old and has long been a creature of habit. He has always slept in a chair …

2020-03-14: Saturday is bath day for some members of the household.

2020-03-13: It’s important not to use a mousing device unsupervised when working from home.

2020-03-13: Today featured a very different morning routine. Usually I watch highlights and read recaps of …

2020-03-08: As is custom when I’m with Grant #SelfiesWithGrant

2020-03-08: Taking in my first Thundrbirds lacrosse game with Grant

2020-03-06: I usually don’t follow US politics but every now and then I see a clip that reminds me that I …

2020-03-05: As is tradition when out on the town with Colin #selfieswithoutgrant

2020-03-05: Craft Draught night at the Carleton: Lunn’s Mill vs North Brewing

2020-03-03: On Friday night we attended Letterkenny Live show and laughed a lot.

2020-03-01: Vision 📷 Dug out an older photo to wrap the photo challenge with. When I think of vision I always …

2020-02-29: Leap 📷 Leap day walk in the snow with my nieces.

2020-02-28: Below 📷 I provided my own underling to live below my desk today in the office.

2020-02-27: Spent some time today retrieving old twitpic photos that I thought were lost from the way back …

2020-02-27: Together 📷 Working from home for the afternoon means I get some extra time together with these guys

2020-02-26: Escape 📷 Took a break to escape from the office for some lunch today.

2020-02-25: Hurdle 📷 Today’s big hurdle was trying to resist eating ice cream after eating healthy all day. As …

2020-02-24: Double 📷 Some Monday’s you have to double up on the Coffee when you get to work.

2020-02-23: Station 📷 Hugo has taken up his afternoon station, protecting us from birds and rodents.

2020-02-22: Spectacle 📷 Today’s spectacle is napping on the couch

2020-02-21: Progress 📷 Hugo has moved off his bed to follow the sun as it progresses across the afternoon sky

2020-02-20: Scale 📷 More desk photography today. Everyone has a scale model Batmobile on their desk. Right?

2020-02-19: Space 📷 A little literal today 🤣

2020-02-18: Oppose 📷 Normally I oppose birthday celebrations but today is Raquel’s birthday so I’ll happily …

2020-02-17: Cool 📷 Hugo really knows how to communicate a “cool vibe”

2020-02-16: Rest 📷

2020-02-15: Balance 📷 Today was the annual Acadia Robot Programming competition that I Referee. I arrived to …

2020-02-14: Warmth 📷 Today the temperature dropped by almost 20 degrees. That calls for evening coffee ☕️

2020-02-13: Rise 📷 It’s been 18 months since I worked downtown and I still miss the view of the sunrise from my …

2020-02-12: Today we said goodbye to Hercules. It was way sooner than I ever could have imagined but it became …

2020-02-12: Attachment 📷 It’s been a bittersweet week but here is Hercules, embodying physical and emotional …

2020-02-11: Plain 📷 Normally I am a sticker person and cover my laptops completely but I’m almost a year into …

2020-02-10: Sign 📷 Friends applied this sign to me as a personal slogan. It’s also the origin of this blog’s …

2020-02-09: Lull 📷 Post breakfast lull and Hugo is making new friends.

2020-02-08: Contrast 📷 Today we went on a 300km road trip. Hugo slept the whole time, Hercules never stopped …

2020-02-07: Above 📷 That moment when you realize it is time to start the work of the day.

2020-02-06: Plant 📷 One of my favourite parts of having planters on the patio in the winter is the small …

2020-02-05: Hide 📷 On occasion Hugo will try to hide in plain sight, trying to blend in with the local fashion …

2020-02-04: Spot 📷 This chest of drawers is on its way out of the house and in the dining room, but Tak is never …

2020-02-03: Reflect 📷 When you get stuck on a hard problem it is important to have a place like the “hammock …

2020-02-02: Sight 📷 This morning’s first sight is sun beams glistening on the fresh snow

2020-02-01: Watched the series finale of the Good Place with Raquel last night. What an absolutely perfect …

2020-02-01: Saturday mornings are for cuddles

2020-02-01: Open 📷 Living in a city makes it hard to find open nature spaces. I’m super thankful to live next to …

2020-01-29: Call me a cynic, but it is the time of year again where Bell exploits Mental Health awareness for …

2020-01-28: Technical debt is the process of avoiding work today by promising to do work tomorrow A great …

2020-01-27: Scaling Beyond Ourselves Too often we think only of ourselves and our own experiences, which is reasonable given those are …

2020-01-24: So far this January has been a period of reduction No regular YouTube shows Stopped my Duo Lingo …

2020-01-23: It’s been a slow week here, finally having something resembling a normal routine setting in …

2020-01-14: I worked from home for a bit yesterday. Hercules was not a fan of my self imposed office exile.

2020-01-07: 2019 brought a new job which required more air travel than any job I’ve had. At more than one …

2020-01-05: Started Sunday by enjoying the freshly fallen snow.

2019-12-31: Hercules really knows how to embrace the lazy afternoon snuggle

2019-12-29: It is important to look out for your brother’s hygiene.

2019-12-29: Picked up a case of beer tonight that was branded for “Hockey Parents”. I was not disappointed by …

2019-12-25: It’s important to know what supporting roles are required for Christmas dinner prep

2019-12-25: Caught up on my LEGO advent calendar just in the nick of time!

2019-12-20: Last night was the first lazy night of the holiday season and both dogs appreciates the company and …

2019-12-14: The party featured an ugly sweater cookie decorating station and I produced an homage to my alma …

2019-12-14: Christmas party tonight with friends, hosted by the Glitter Moose

2019-12-12: Merriam-Webster’s word of the year for 2019 is one that I can get behind. The singular they.

2019-12-11: This racing documentary piece is a fun diversion.

2019-12-07: Alright Apple. You know me. This checks out.

2019-12-07: Woke up to lovely fresh snowfall

2019-12-05: Out for another craft draught downtown and took the requisite #selfiewithoutgrant

2019-12-05: CARROT Weather is a constant source of whimsy in my life.

2019-12-04: Playing croquet with my friends has been a long standing tradition. We play in all seasons and …

2019-12-03: Train travel is probably the public service I am most jealous of when I am in Europe. I have always …

2019-12-03: The recent surge of accountability for words and actions that is sweeping across the coaching …

2019-12-02: One of my favourite parts of using micro.blog over the last few months has been my On This Day page. …

2019-12-01: It’s a sunny, lazy Sunday morning here.

2019-11-30: Put up and decorated the tree today.

2019-11-30: My plan for 2019 was to get back to writing, I have a few drafts of longer posts that I started, but …

2019-11-29: Yesterday was the first snow fall of the winter in Halifax and it brought the city to a complete …

2019-11-28: Got lucky this morning and managed to walk the dogs between rain drops.

2019-11-27: This week I treated myself to a purchase of a 1974 Porsche 911

2019-11-27: Pre work coffee and snuggles

2019-11-26: My first thought this morning upon stepping out of the shower was “I sure am ready for the …

2019-11-25: One month until Christmas!

2019-11-24: Sometimes it is important to go back to the classic “Selfies with Grant”

2019-11-23: Today is going to be spent driving a few hundred kilometres on the highway 🚙 I don’t normally …

2019-11-22: Yesterday I spent a few hours fighting with a clever idea I had to make testing a network routing …

2019-11-21: In light of my previous post this was the scene I found when I went to make a cup of coffee. …

2019-11-21: One of the highlights of the mornings when I work from home is getting to observe how little the …

2019-11-20: Today’s random memory was of the time I found a dead bee in my office and then mailed it across the …

2019-11-19: Disney+ has been a pretty big hit in my home so far. Most of Sunday afternoon was spent watching a …

2019-11-18: A week of travel for work does wonders for disrupting bad habits in a routine. Not hitting snooze …

2019-11-17: Post travel cuddles are a great way to spend a Sunday.

2019-11-16: Visited my nieces for a birthday party. The amount of volume that a herd of 8 year olds can produce …

2019-11-15: Bags are packed and I’m on my way back home.

2019-11-14: Last night Herc successfully finished his confidence class.

2019-11-13: I got this photo last night of a very sad boy watching the door, presumably wondering why I haven’t …

2019-11-12: Sportsnet actually fired him. I really didn’t expect them to do anything other than mumble …

2019-11-12: The first nights sleep after a red eye flight might be the most refreshing type of sleep I ever get.

2019-11-11: Checked into my hotel room to discover I have a napping bed above my sleeping bed.

2019-11-10: It’s good that Sportsnet finally acknowledges that Cherry is a problem. That said I won’t believe …

2019-11-10: My bags are packed for Madrid once again. Transatlantic travel is starting to feel routine.

2019-11-09: Today was the first morning dog walk below freezing. Both dogs were a lot more excited by the light …

2019-11-08: Went to the symphony last night and got to experience the amazing We’re Not Done Drumming by Rebecca …

2019-11-07: My mother stopped by to transition our planters from summer to winter today.

2019-11-06: My next dog definitely needs to be a dingo delivered by a bird of prey.

2019-11-05: Walked the dogs through the fog bank this morning.

2019-11-04: Dealing with the time change always feels like an unnecessary hassle and I am mostly on board with …

2019-11-03: It was a bit cold for a bon fire last night so we just had to make it bigger than usual.

2019-11-02: Today started with puppy cuddles and now there’s afternoon hockey! Go Pens 🐧 🏒!

2019-11-01: The Storm Never Stops the Sun The first of November has become a day of reflection and tradition over the past 7 years since …

2019-10-27: We concluded the weekend by getting birthday treats for Hugo and Hercules.

2019-10-26: Birthday week for the puppers continues in our house. Today Hugo turns 5! 🐕🎂🥳

2019-10-23: Hercules only joined our family on June 1st but today is his fourth birthday and I couldn’t be more …

2019-10-21: Making the most of the fall days by BBQing at sunset

2019-10-03: Spent the week in Madrid for work but didn’t get much time for sightseeing. Only had time to go …

2019-09-22: Part three of baking weekend, banana chocolate chip muffins

2019-09-22: Day two of weekend baking. Biscuits for dinner.

2019-09-21: More weekend baking 🍪

2019-09-19: This is a fascinating and wonderful community project. The Care and Feeding of the Uffington White …

2019-09-14: Another donation completed. Time for a victory snack.

2019-09-12: A big trip to the vet deserves a fancy treat.

2019-09-08: Post hurricane Dorian power outage brings new meanings today to enjoying my morning coffee on the …

2019-09-07: Does your computer have a disc hole? – Raquel, trying to figure out how to entertain herself during …

2019-09-01: Tried my hand at baking some biscuits tonight. The process earned me an audience.

2019-09-01: Broke out the running gear for the first time with Herc yesterday. Herc’s enthusiasm makes for a …

2019-08-29: What a lovely face to come home to

2019-07-28: Some weekend playtime captured by @grantisagrant

2019-07-15: After travelling for work and vacation for most of the month it is very nice to be home with these …

2019-07-13: A book, a coffee, and a rural Saturday morning.

2019-07-08: Played Tourist all weekend in Madrid.

2019-07-05: Good morning Madrid 🇪🇸

2019-06-29: Thanks to @grantisagrant for visiting and taking some wonderful photos the dogs yesterday.

2019-06-23: Sunny Sunday Siestas

2019-06-23: Yesterday marked the completion of the first year of marriage for Raquel and I. To celebrate we …

2019-06-22: Enjoying the Staffroom Stout in Lunenburg on a patio as the weather alternates between Sun and Rain …

2019-06-15: Saturday family walk in the park with some duck watching.

2019-06-09: Yesterday finally felt like summer. Got the hammock out and spent most of the day outside in a …

2019-06-06: Patiently waiting for breakfast to be served.

2019-06-02: Hercules is embracing our practice of a lazy* Sunday morning. * The 30m walk was before 7am so it …

2019-06-01: Today we welcomed Hercules to our home.

2019-05-29: Pair programming is important for software quality.

2019-05-26: Sunday afternoons are made for napping.

2019-05-25: Saturday morning pancakes! I also made a baby pancake in the process.

2019-05-25: Today is my favourite “holiday” of the year. Happy Towel Day you hoopy froods!

2019-05-18: When you are staying at a friends place and they do online marketing as a day job, they get creative …

2019-05-17: Perfect night for a Steve Poltz show at the Carleton. Great seats and Raquel ended up helping out …

2019-05-10: When the unpredictability of maritime weather gets to you.

2019-05-09: Sunny morning at the office

2019-05-04: Today Tak turns 12 years old. He’s seen me through a lot of life.

2019-05-04: Coffee and Cuddles on a rainy morning

2019-05-03: Hugo and Frankie are here to remind us what friendship looks like.

2019-05-03: Spending the day figuring out how to deploy and run a web application with Kubernetes and Istio.

2019-05-02: Finally got an afternoon that feels like spring and I’m taking advantage of it.

2019-04-03: Today I brought my office assistant to work.

2019-03-27: Received my copy of “The Meaning of Liff”. Immediately rewarded with some great words. Abilene adj …

2019-03-08: Afternoon sun

2019-02-26: There is some jealousy on display over who gets to help me work today.

2019-02-24: Lazy Sunday morning puppy cuddles

2019-02-21: A natural hunter knows how to use cover to their advantage when stalking prey. It appears that in …

2019-02-20: This is the most appropriate reaction to a -23 windchill

2019-02-19: Did someone start cutting onions in here?

2019-02-19: I’m getting all of the help this morning while I work.

2019-02-18: Today I got to celebrate my lovely Wife’s birthday!

2019-02-17: Rural Hockey rinks really have the most welcoming signs

2019-02-16: That’s a wrap on another FLL Competition at Acadia

2019-02-15: Taking in a bright winter morning

2019-02-13: Nintendo is really hitting all of the right nostalgia chords for me with the Switch. I passed many …

2019-02-02: I took a moment to complete a Myers-Briggs evaluation today to see if I have changed from when I had …

2019-01-30: I’m enjoying the couple of hours of snow we are getting before it all turns to rain.

2019-01-29: 🥶 It may be bitter cold outside but hugo and I are still enjoying the afternoon sun ☀️🐶

2019-01-28: A little whimsy for your Monday. Today is international bubble wrap appreciation day.

2019-01-24: I never fail to think of Arthur Dent every week after a late night of playing hockey on Wednesday. …

2019-01-22: The fearless hunter wants to provide for us.

2019-01-22: Sometimes being adorable is just too much work for the pup.

2019-01-19: Ahead of the storm we are enjoying a lazy, sunny, morning.

2018-12-30: Sometimes you find yourself in a strange time travelling scenario.

2018-12-29: I’m not sure how this could be comfortable

2018-12-16: Patiently waiting for the sun to recharge him.

2018-12-10: Fresh coating of snow for my morning walk

2018-11-24: A beautiful and warmish morning after a week of bitter cold

2018-11-22: Tak is far too suspicious of me to let me take a photo of him sleeping in the sun.

2018-11-20: Two months into using Dark mode full time in macOS has left me wincing every time I open a bright …

2018-11-16: First snow of the year! ☃️

2018-11-08: Some days I think my dog may like sun beams even more than the cat does.

2018-11-06: Rainy maritime days like this one really highlight the benefits of remote work.

2018-11-03: Upgraded Hugo from a simple bed to an arm chair today. I’m not sure what I have become.

2018-11-03: He is the master of the silent protest.

2018-11-02: Out on the town for a show!

2018-10-31: The local eatery brought their A game today

2018-10-30: This is hands down my favourite news story of the year, possibly longer. How Do You Move A Bookstore

2018-10-30: The part of the Apple event that excited me most wasn’t the iPad or new devices. It was that the Mac …

2018-10-23: Someone should tell him that he is not a lap dog.

2018-10-20: A splash of colour in the leaves this morning.

2018-10-14: Took some time this evening to enjoy the beautiful fall sunset

2018-10-13: The way the NHL has spread games out over Saturday’s this season is great! Makes it really …

2018-10-11: An introduction to all computer programmers All programmers are forcing their brains to do things …

2018-10-08: It’s a joy to watch a couple of dogs play until they drop.

2018-10-01: He really is a master of the “Woe is me” look.

2018-09-30: Sunset tonight was striking.

2018-09-23: Perfect afternoon for a walk in the park!

2018-09-22: Lazy saturday cuddles.

2018-09-18: After nearly 10 years of regular suggestions to my employers I am finally enjoying an office …

2018-09-16: Sunday sundog

2018-09-16: Went so hard on the chew toy that five minutes later he is out cold.

2018-09-09: Nine locks really gets who I am.

2018-09-07: I am familiar with some the strategies that the retention departments at telecom companies will use …

2018-09-03: Sometimes photos manages to surface a real gem of a memory.

2018-09-02: Today was a beautiful day for a hike to long lake.

2018-08-31: Today’s office mate is very happy I am back from Denver.

2018-08-28: I learned that it is National Bow Tie day today because my hotel is celebrating it with free mint …

2018-08-26: It seems appropriate that National Dog Day occurs during the dog days of summer while we wait for …

2018-08-15: Celebrated being back in NS by going for my first bike ride in 2 years 😮 I really could have done …

2018-08-15: Hugo is out like a light and comfortable at home marking the end of our summer travels.

2018-08-14: There is no one that knows how to kill time in an airport quite like my wife.

2018-08-14: Farewell to Oslo! 🇳🇴

2018-08-11: Took the opportunity today to appreciate the Natural History museum.

2018-08-11: Another city and another shiny metal object on the ground caught my eye. This one was less …

2018-08-10: She ventured inside the first phone box we encountered for a photo and happily described it as …

2018-08-10: It’s about time someone recognized me and built me a park and square!

2018-08-09: Spent a few days without internet over the weekend and used the time to make some new furry friends.

2018-08-09: Brunch in Oslo

2018-08-07: Went for a hike in Hove on Tromøya today

2018-08-06: Today we visit Arendal

2018-08-06: You may be able to take 7 eleven out of america, but it will be clearly american wherever it goes.

2018-08-02: It’s important for Griffin’s to gather for a summer picnic when any of them are geographically close …

2018-08-02: It is really hard not to giggle when reading signs in another language.

2018-08-02: First thing I noticed upon leaving the train station in Oslo. The details were intriguing enough …

2018-08-02: Grabbed lunch and went for a walk in St. hanshaugen‘s park.

2018-08-01: Found everything I could need today! (Including what I affectionately called the burglar’s exit)

2018-08-01: Inbound to Oslo!

2018-07-31: Our airplane is celebrating pride month!

2018-07-31: Look out Germany! We will be polite and brief guests I promise 🍁

2018-07-31: For those of you who are tired of constant dog photos, you are in luck! They will be replaced by …

2018-07-31: Starting travel off right by time travelling to the land of private pay phones.

2018-07-29: That moment of skepticism when hearing “Do you want food?” and you are left wondering …

2018-07-29: One more morning by the ocean waiting. Dogs not allowed isn’t an inconvenience when it is nicer out …

2018-07-28: Rehearsal will end soon. Until then he will remain vigilant.

2018-07-28: Getting ready to rehearse.

2018-07-28: More road trip today. NB is scenic but offensively humid.

2018-07-27: Enjoying the dog days of summer in NB

2018-07-22: I am blessed with truly talented friends in my life. Thanks so much Amy!

2018-07-21: Having recently moved to be much closer to my work and the city centre a lot of this article …

2018-07-20: Enjoying summer with a post work stroll in the woods

2018-07-17: Turns out that getting married can be a pretty fun time.

2018-07-01: Eyes that say “Are you really sure about this display of patriotism?”

2018-06-29: It has been a crazy two weeks at work but I took a brief break last Friday to do something fun!

2018-06-17: A reminder that @grantisagrant is fearsome in his own stylish way.

2018-06-12: After three days I am confident that the worst part of introducing a cat and a dog is the stress …

2018-06-11: An uneasy truce was struck (aka the dog has no clue at all that there is a cat on the fridge)

2018-06-09: Axe throwing success!

2018-06-09: And now for something completely different

2018-06-04: Got to spend yesterday afternoon welcoming Stanley to the world

2018-05-26: After 13 hours the party is done and this boy is well celebrated.

2018-05-26: Spending the day executing on a plan for the greatest 12th birthday party ever. So far so good.

2018-05-21: The weather was just right for a hike today.

2018-05-19: Beach day! (The water temperature was quick to remind me that it isn’t summer yet)

2018-05-13: A good read on the importance of recognizing the right tool for the right job. 'But didn't you write …

2018-05-07: #selfieswithgrant

2018-05-07: A perfect night for a Steve Poltz concert

2018-05-05: today was the first day that felt like summer will actually arrive

2018-05-05: If you can get out and donate some blood!

2018-05-04: 11 years of this guy.

2018-05-01: Tom Wilson has no place in a modern @NHL If the @NHL actually cares about player safety or head …

2018-04-28: best friends finding a moment of peace from the 8 children

2018-04-27: that friday feeling

2018-04-22: Earning the Earth Day 2018 award by walking for ice cream

2018-04-21: Finally a real spring day!

2018-04-20: when watching the same game 4 times at once seems reasonable you might have a problem.

2018-04-15: You know it is that kind of day when you catch yourself saying out loud “What year is it right now?”

2018-04-14: Soccer is a very tiring sport

2018-04-14: Lazy Saturday morning

2018-04-11: 2018 Playoffs start tonight and so does my 2018 playoff beard!

2018-04-10: Today is national sibling day apparently. I’m doing pretty well on this front.

2018-04-10: got a flower for working downtown this morning! also free coffee.

2018-04-09: It is important to pick appropriate sized challenges when playing


2018-04-09: Filled in a bracket for the playoffs and fell heavily for personal bias. Also the idea of the pens …

2018-04-08: Best friends patiently waiting for towels to arrive after a muddy run

2018-04-01: required listening so that we can have fun.


2018-03-10: sunshine napping

2018-03-08: what a graceful creature.

2018-02-25: axemen vs x-men playoff hockey

2018-02-18: birthday hike in park with the birthday girl @quelussher

2018-02-10: patiently waiting while I donned appropriate footwear for a muddy day at point pleasant.

2018-01-27: best friends


2017-12-28: after a week away this guy won’t leave my side.


2017-12-20: best friends

2017-12-01: day 1 of a lego advent calendar! thanks @rebeccamoore2608

2017-11-17: serious playtime requires the appropriate protective gear



2017-10-18: good morning halifax

2017-10-12: off leash runs


2017-10-06: not everyone appreciates having a hat

2017-09-23: post hike afternoon activities #naptime

2017-09-23: Afternoon at point pleasant!

2017-09-16: “He doesn’t look like I expected, he just looks so normal.” @RaquelPoley upon meeting @grantisagrant …

2017-09-04: “if I’m very quiet they won’t notice I’ve infiltrated the couch”

2017-08-14: steve poltz and joel plaskett @ the carleton




2017-07-21: swimming at a cottage!

2017-07-18: off leash and complete attention. it’s nice when the hard work pays off!



2017-07-12: the bison weren’t challenging enough.



2017-06-11: steve poltz round 2

2017-06-10: one never knows where steve poltz will perform the last song of the night from

2017-06-10: best friends

2017-06-08: welcome to work

2017-05-29: 🥅🏒🐧!!

2017-05-20: getting some help photo editing

2017-05-20: end of a big beach adventure

2017-05-15: a girl and her dog

2017-05-12: I seem to have accidentally travelled to 1996

2017-05-12: here we go. NS vs PEI

2017-05-12: Canadian Sledge Hockey Championship is on in Montreal. Nova Scotia plays at 2 ADT and 7 ADT. Watch …

2017-05-11: still funny. dinner of shame!

2017-05-10: anyone have any records they want to play? got a great new gramophone

2017-05-10: so very sad. silly boy, thinking I have emotions you can manipulate

2017-05-07: well past Friday but it’s progress


2017-05-01: definitely in Texas. they tried to hide the cactus but they are hiding in the grass

2017-04-29: foggy morning walk in the park

2017-04-21: end of a long week

2017-04-02: we survived bath time. I’m sure neither of us will have nightmares about it for too long

2017-03-25: A lovely warm foot stool

2017-03-23: getting a little help while working from home


2017-03-12: some evening fresh air for a pup who’s feeling under the weather tonight

2017-03-11: Team Canada Women’s Team vs Team Nova Scotia


2017-03-04: homemade pulled pork sliders served on homemade cornbread buns. thanks @crobaricus

2017-03-04: another successful FLL competition done!

2017-03-04: another year, another robot competition

2017-03-03: it’s nice to have company on a post work walk

2017-02-19: squeaked out a 1-0 win in the semi finals this morning and are playing vs PEI in the finals

2017-02-18: Halifax vs PEI

2017-02-14: plenty of snow out there

2017-02-11: It’s important to find a local lumber jack when snowshoeing in New Brunswick


2016-12-29: I have the best friends

2016-12-25: holiday road trip pit stop!

2016-11-27: a new nest has been established

2016-11-20: tree is up


2016-11-05: getting simultaneous text messages from @grantisagrant and @crobaricus about goings on is the best …

2016-10-17: welcome to the office

2016-10-14: road trip to the middle of nowhere!!

2016-10-12: morning reflection

2016-10-08: wedding time! so exited to celebrate heather and connor

2016-10-05: sunrise and the fog bank

2016-10-04: I felt my desk needed some thanksgiving spirit today



2016-09-29: baking done for a work potluck



2016-09-19: it’s a grey, still morning for the harbour

2016-09-15: fall air and a sunrise make for the best post run recovery



2016-09-13: hammock breakfast

2016-09-07: more foggy mysteries this morning

2016-09-06: This morning has the air of mystery that only a thick fog bank can inspire



2016-08-28: finished product

2016-08-28: today there was a sighting of the domestic house griff



2016-08-21: not all kitchen “helpers” are created equal

2016-08-21: it’s a good thing I’m terrible or I would have to worry about the water

2016-08-21: it’s been a while. this is the sport with the tackling?

2016-08-20: lazy company for a lazy evening

2016-08-03: the best friend @crobaricus and I could ask for. @grantisagrant #selfieswithoutgrant

2016-05-30: peng-WIN!!! 1 down. 3 to go. some great hockey left in this series.

2016-05-29: remember that time when your neighbours made the news.

2016-05-25: you know you are living life to the max when you spend your evening reading, excitedly, about the …

2016-04-29: #selfieswithgrant also @crobaricus is here. @rizzface @grantisagrant

2016-04-10: #selfieswithgrant @crobaricus @rizzface @grantisagrant

2016-04-10: when describing @grantisagrant’s peculiar food preferences our server replied “which …

2016-02-27: just got this text from from @grantisagrant soon his transformation will be complete

2016-02-15: file this under “WHY IS THIS NUMBER A THING YOU KNOW!?!”

2015-12-16: come watch the first initial mystery puzzle arcade 4000 featuring @tomheinan and @rizzface

2015-11-14: going live with extra life stream! first up, Diablo III https://www.twitch.tv/goprismatic

2015-09-18: when having a 30th birthday in 2015 it is essential to have a few things. a poster of mayor goldie …

2015-09-11: presented without commentary

2015-08-13: it took 3 days to realize there isn’t a Denver accent. when asked locals only identified the …

2015-08-07: started Friday with a 45km bike ride before work. I may fall asleep before sunset.

2015-07-01: semi final eliminations are always hard to take but I cannot imagine losing on an own goal in injury …

2015-06-27: evening in the woods

2015-06-20: crazy parking at #PlayOn. 90 minutes to travel the last 2km. opened the tournament with a win …

2015-06-11: riding the bus and the gentleman in front of me has fallen asleep halfway through composing a tweet. …

2015-06-02: “I’m curious about these Balls” - @crobaricus I bet @rizzface can guess where we …

2015-05-29: fog dome over George’s Island

2015-05-25: as is tradition happy towel day you hoopy frood!

2015-05-21: so long and thanks for all the fish There was a point to this story, but it has temporarily escaped the chronicler’s mind – …

2015-04-20: the people’s radio starting this week I am part of a podcast. every episode will be a little different, with topics …

2015-04-19: the tide is crazy high today

2015-04-18: CROSBY!! #pens 3-1

2015-04-18: Sid makes it 2-1!!

2015-04-17: surreptitious #selfieswithgrant @crobaricus @rizzface @RuSHSC2

2015-04-16: #pens played well tonight. a close game. if this keeps up it will be a good series!

2015-04-15: so much for the great goaltending dual…

2015-04-15: wait. stone is back? so PK got kicked out of the game for scuffing his glove?

2015-04-15: I’m genuinely excited that the #habs are scoring goals. my life seems to have gone horribly wrong.

2015-04-15: in an unexpected turn of events I find myself cheering for Montreal… I feel dirty…

2015-04-14: a pretty big deal several months ago I shared that my brother won a Canadian Architect Award of Excellence on twitter …

2015-04-13: uncertainty as I work to complete my thesis there is one question that I often hear a variation of when …

2015-04-07: new favourite game suggesting that the media isn’t telling us about a nuclear civil war somewhere …

2015-04-07: the title of this new game is “disturbingly plausible”

2015-03-20: #selfieswithgrant

2015-03-20: attention those of you who know @grantisagrant a new game has created. everyone post your …

2015-03-18: in a turn that will annoy @grantisagrant, I just received word that friends are snowshoeing to the …

2015-03-18: current status seen below. dear Halifax, what should I seek out next.

2015-03-18: just snowshoed to a Starbucks in a snow storm. Halifax is kind of a mess. people get a kick out of …

2015-03-02: today I met @grantisagrant’s walking track nemesis. I laughed a lot

2015-02-15: this is what the internet was made for.

2015-02-15: why yes the snow drift appears to be slowly consuming my car

2015-02-15: had some #stormchips this morning. time to break out the #stormbacon now.

2015-02-14: apparently when you do something long enough others feel the need to recognize your efforts with a …

2015-02-14: it is that time again. Acadia Robot Programming Competition!

2015-02-09: just spent and evening working in excel. I have no clue why anyone would learn this instead of a …

2015-02-06: a wild grantisagrant is caught updating his social media steams during the sports timeout.

2015-02-06: renewed my canadian citizenship tonight by going to play hockey during a blizzard

2015-01-03: tonight I shall try my hand at playing a fancy pants waiter. #deadsheepscrolls

2015-01-01: new year’s pond hockey

2014-12-31: family in my last post I reflected on the absence of a family member. to end the year I thought I would …

2014-12-25: my grandfather and I found the sleepy corner of the room

2014-12-20: Today I took my hockey team to the rink I learned the game in.

2014-12-07: the end/start of a week. coffee. beer. tie. unkempt hair.

2014-11-26: at the axemen game with a team of 10 year olds that we’re all given noisemakers at the door.

2014-11-20: thesis writing. not sure how I’m finding anything on my computer today.

2014-11-19: today I risk being a stereotype. I am a grad student working in a coffee shop, debating scarf + …

2014-11-09: when you come across sentences like this you have to remind yourself you are still doing comp sci.

2014-11-03: sometimes I appreciate just how much targeted advertising campaigns just “get me”

2014-11-01: two years time is a funny thing. two years disappeared in the blink of an eye. two years seems like a lifetime …

2014-10-17: apparently I’m participating in some sort of comedy variety show tonight… come out to …

2014-10-16: playing our game For the 2014-2015 season I have been afforded the privilege of being the head coach of the Acadia …

2014-10-15: sitting in a local brewery and overheard an order for a coors light… there are some people I …

2014-10-12: coaching debut ended with a heartbreaking bounce during overtime of the championship game. I …

2014-10-06: All the fancy new school clothes appear to have been traded in for sweat/pyjama/yoga pants and flip …

2014-09-27: in a stunning turn of events computer science not only fielded a soccer team but managed to win the …

2014-09-20: the tie says “legitimate head coach”. right?

2014-09-17: it has become clear today that having a cold is awful and I remember why I don’t like doing it …

2014-09-15: trying something new this year. I’m going to be the head coach of the AMHA Atom A team.

2014-08-25: experimenting with new forms of transportation #publunch

2014-08-24: sometimes one coffee is not sufficient.

2014-08-23: wandering memory lane today.

2014-08-14: I know @grantisagrant has a thing for grocery store parking lot jeep owners so I found him a prime …

2014-08-09: I made it on the news!

2014-08-08: this weekend I’m reprising my role as “respectable adult”

2014-08-08: the ghost in the machine as I moved my old posts to the new site I was struck by just how long it has been since I posted …

2014-08-07: woke up with “Springtime For Hitler” stuck in my head. I wonder what sort of day that sets you up …

2014-08-06: an update! no way! after a long hiatus I have made strides towards resurrecting website and turning it into something …

2014-08-04: I just uploaded “shed felling” to Vimeo

2014-08-04: just watched a balding man in a tie dye tshirt squatting on the side of the road brushing his teeth. …

2014-07-29: apparently there is now enough of me circulating in the general public I have been awarded a pin.

2014-07-22: happy pi approximation day everyone!

2014-07-21: it is a sad morning when it takes 3 tries to remember the maximum amount of time a stargate can …

2014-07-14: before setting out on a long bike ride I recommend making sure your allen wrenches in you bag. you …

2014-07-08: the lesson to be learned tonight is that no matter how good your team is, having me cheer for you …

2014-07-08: up before the sunrise. I think I should make a habit of this.

2014-07-05: well… there’s yer problem #arthur

2014-06-23: this morning I was stuck in Halifax traffic and felt like a silly country boy. twitter is suggesting …

2014-06-22: normally I downplay my humble american origins. not tonight though. U-S-A ⚽️🇺🇸 U-S-A ⚽️🇺🇸

2014-06-14: #playon Halifax update. cold. so very cold. also more rain than I’ve ever seen. the oval has …

2014-06-08: part 2 of celebrating @crobaricus birthday.

2014-06-04: nothing says fun summer evening quite like an annual general meeting.

2014-06-01: dear Moncton. thank you for hosting us and giving us medals and a championship

2014-06-01: #playon update waiting for championship game. is it over yet? go turbo twisting dragons!

2014-06-01: #playon update. 3-0 in the playoffs despite some close calls. championship game in 20 minutes.

2014-05-31: #playon day 1 update. many wounds. finished the day 3-0. scored 27 goals and only allowed 5.

2014-05-31: #playon update. game 1: 12-2 mercy rule win game 2: 4-2 win (over defending champs.) for now we rest

2014-05-31: the tournament has begun #playon

2014-05-30: dear moncton. the turbo twisting dragons have arrived and are ready to win your hockey tournament.

2014-05-29: new payday lunch game. no one orders their own meal. #twobeerlunch #twosipsin @rizzface …

2014-05-27: private repos means comments like “variable prefixes are stupid. *THIS MESSAGE WAS PAID FOR BY THE …

2014-05-25: happy towel day you hoopy frood!

2014-05-18: bike, beach, book

2014-05-16: whenever I work with regular expressions I am reminded how great regular expressions are. why do I …

2014-05-14: 30 seconds into the first softball game of the season I got my first reprimand from an umpire. seems …

2014-05-08: whoever decided git commits should have commentary probably didn’t know many programmers. I know I’m …

2014-05-01: If there is one thing I can rely on come playoff season it is the cbc’s ability to render games …

2014-04-14: playoff beard season has begun. my apologies to those of you who dislike it when my appearance …

2014-03-27: played a fundraiser hockey game tonight on a team of coaches against the varsity axemen. it went …

2014-03-14: attempting to play titanfall has led to installing a beta video driver to make it work. oh windows, …

2014-03-14: the math teacher inside of me dies a little with every mention of pi day. see you on 22/7

2014-03-13: empathy and the internet

2014-02-23: observation while driving to and from hockey practice this morning during the gold medal game. I saw …

2014-02-23: sometimes you need to multitask when you are coaching during the gold medal game.

2014-02-14: snow covered roads, empty of traffic, with sideways adventures is one of the simple joys in life.

2014-02-02: played a 50 round game of mario party. still friends with the participants!

2014-01-22: road snowboarder count: 3

2014-01-22: definitely just watched a vehicle drive by pulling someone on a snowboard “waterskiing” …

2014-01-15: my final act before leaving Calgary was to eat food delivered to me on fire.

2014-01-12: just won a telus gift bag at the game! free shirt!!

2014-01-12: Crosby hits the ice and the Calgary crowd bursts into cheers!

2014-01-12: game on

2014-01-11: Penguins vs Flames. main event.

2014-01-09: blues vs flames. in the saddledome. a surreal experience.

2013-12-22: coffee and bacon. mmmmmm what? there is a storm? sorry, I was distracted and didn’t notice.

2013-12-16: Christmas is the time for childhood memories

2013-11-01: hey everyone! my frequent partner in crime, @rizzface, is raising money for the IWK by being silly, …

2013-10-23: “tylenol sinus nightime may cause drowsiness or excitability” make up your mind!

2013-10-06: my brother wanted clothes for his birthday.

2013-08-30: unemployed

2013-08-19: I just uploaded “michael’s office reno” to Vimeo

2013-08-09: researching the origins of “baa baa black sheep”. it is that sort of morning

2013-07-22: happy pi approximation day everyone! #22/7

2013-07-08: this is why you need a 5 year old searching yard sales for you. full sized buzz lightyear!

2013-06-16: playoff time. #playon2013

2013-06-15: it’s a good day for hockey

2013-06-10: playoff beard status update: next year

2013-06-07: playoff beard update: game 15 (and potentially last)

2013-06-05: playoff beard update: game 14

2013-06-03: playoff beard update: game 13

2013-06-01: playoff beard update: game 12

2013-05-25: even in may this is the sweetest sight. a fresh sheet.

2013-05-25: happy towel day you hoopy froods!

2013-05-24: playoff beard update: game 11

2013-05-23: my favorite side effect of being a part time faculty member at a university is the unsolicited email …

2013-05-22: playoff beard update: game 10

2013-05-19: playoff beard update: game 9

2013-05-17: playoff beard update: game 8

2013-05-14: playoff beard update: game 7

2013-05-11: some overtime excitement extends the life of the playoff beard

2013-05-11: playoff beard update: game 6

2013-05-09: playoff beard update: game 5

2013-05-07: playoff beard update: game 4

2013-05-05: playoff beard update: game 3

2013-05-03: the TSN announcers really need to stop calling dangerous and reckless behavior on the ice …

2013-05-03: playoff beard status: game 2

2013-05-03: today is the day I admitted I was an old man. I made TWO trips to bring in the groceries.

2013-05-01: it’s that time of year!

2013-04-30: I realized last night that I enjoy house of cards so much because it is the story of lex luthor …

2013-04-18: today, as a grown man, I made this purchase.

2013-04-09: nature is so cool.

2013-04-03: dear google, I understand you wish I used google+ more. you will not win me over by locking my …

2013-04-01: I normally dislike the intersection of april 1st and the internet. this one made me laugh a lot.

2013-03-27: throwing a banana peel out a car window made me worry about the people behind me spinning out

2013-03-23: please go and vote for the AMHA sledge hockey team to win $100K

2013-03-19: the head coach of my sledge hockey team has been nominated for an award. voting on the 23 and 24.

2013-03-14: today is pi day. in the united states. since we use 14.3.2013 notation. pi approximation day is …

2013-03-04: just like that there is a pint of me out in the world. muhahahaha! #blooddonation

2013-02-20: today I received an email from someone looking to do a phd. attached was a resume and scans of …

2013-01-28: at some point in my life I forgot mark hamill was luke skywalker and he became the joker alone.


2013-01-12: sleepy kitty

2013-01-10: this is the result of having a 4 year old visit your office.

2013-01-02: christmas chewie

2012-12-22: an amazing gift from a great friend.



2012-12-13: final exam time


2012-12-04: coworkers arranged our own version of the “Dundees” awards.



2012-11-28: friends 4yo made me a fridge magnet because she was sad to hear about my dad.

2012-11-27: an evening well spent

2012-11-27: making donuts

2012-11-27: watching bamboo grow while waiting for tires #winterdeliquent

2012-11-26: the real design issue of having two empty cup holders in my car is the reminder that my coffee is …

2012-11-26: winter day 2!



2012-11-12: Norwegian hookup!

2012-11-10: new books!

2012-11-10: Canadian induction. timbits and “coffee”

2012-11-01: the storm never stops the sun

2012-10-30: wet fall day

2012-10-29: nothing says manly like post hockey salad!

2012-10-25: let the fun begin!

2012-10-25: came home to find a park across the road!

2012-10-23: welcome home

2012-10-23: fall mittens!

2012-10-21: and one apparently hitched a ride indoors

2012-10-21: 5 of about 30 ladybugs that were on my door!

2012-10-20: a lazy lazy afternoon.

2012-10-19: a tree shines with a little help from the sun

2012-10-18: just that sort of morning.

2012-10-17: one of the best book purchases I have ever made. can’t open it without learning.


2012-10-16: I honestly didn’t expect the NHL to bring the big guns to the table. offering favorable terms …

2012-10-15: met a student downtown after class. received a “hello sir!” still weird.

2012-10-15: household staples have been acquired

2012-10-15: it is important that ones office remains professional.


2012-10-14: welcoming committee. I scared them off once I got out of the car. they weren’t very social.


2012-10-11: the dead sheep scrolls last weekend DOWN BROOK!

2012-10-11: the hr department is advertising a retirement workshop. seems like I have worked long enough.

2012-10-11: no internet in my office. that should have no impact on a web developer.

2012-10-09: sometimes the world can feel like everything for moved 6 inches to the left.

2012-10-08: I’m so bored of little gods.

2012-10-07: to be known to feel love, you must be known – Donald Miller I have spent so many years avoiding being known. …

2012-10-07: sat down and wrote a piece for the first time in over a year. I must be rusty, where’s the …

2012-10-06: daytime sleeping is hard work


2012-10-04: tis the season for pumpkin

2012-10-04: the sun paints my walls

2012-10-03: music is serious business.

2012-10-02: lazy kitty.

2012-10-02: morning clouds

2012-09-28: nova scotia

2012-09-26: morning reading

2012-09-24: spider friend. my life is full of them.

2012-09-23: getting some help doing a computer repair.

2012-09-21: I don’t know if there is a greater truth in all of computer science than “past me is an …

2012-09-21: I live in the land of spiders

2012-09-21: he drank my soda water thinking it was regular water and the stared into the cup for a while.

2012-09-20: floors were made for sitting and reading.

2012-09-20: having a rough day?

2012-09-19: ross and leeroy – elton jovi rollers - saturday night

2012-09-19: ross and leeroy - right said rod mfao - too sexy

2012-09-19: one of these days I am going to remember not to wear black on the days I lecture. today is not that …

2012-09-17: desktop may be less dead than I thought.

2012-09-17: robot time of year again already.

2012-09-17: morning wake up service

2012-09-16: taken before returning home.

2012-09-15: there is a different feeling in the air in a geographic area where being a leafs fan is the norm.

2012-09-14: to everyone who says horrible things about driving the 401. please come and drive in Halifax. only …

2012-09-14: at a bare minimum my hockey equipment will be traveling cross country. now to go see if I am a …

2012-09-14: somewhere new


2012-09-12: helping my grandfather deconstruct his kitchen

2012-09-12: while troubleshooting a friends computer today I had a passer by offer me help because “her ex …

2012-09-11: just got my first email addressed to “professor”. still weird.

2012-09-11: today’s coffee is brought to me by the worlds best novelty mug and worst actual mug! @peanut

2012-09-08: the first voluntary adventure onto the bed. almost home.

2012-09-07: unsure about pretty much everything.

2012-09-06: continuing the trend of firsts for my life, I just booked a flight. that’s right. I have never …

2012-09-05: calm before the storm

2012-09-05: today marks an important moment in history. today is the day that I actually put all of my post …

2012-09-04: adjusting to a new home is hard work

2012-09-01: a little tlc for Faye.

2012-08-29: good morning sun

2012-08-26: sunday afternoon napping

2012-08-26: some sort of morning cuddle monster

2012-08-25: she makes this face whenever the camera points at her. @CityGirlSarah @jrwarford

2012-08-25: snack time

2012-08-25: my weekend companion

2012-08-24: spent the morning at the beach filming.

2012-08-19: a fresh sheet just waiting

2012-08-19: hitting the ice

2012-08-19: and so hockey starts again.

2012-08-18: afternoon of sailing

2012-08-17: the view from my new apartment

2012-08-08: sometimes I act silly in public. if you want to see the results check out the website

2012-08-05: pay attention to your teachers. just because you don’t know how you will use something …

2012-08-05: playing guitar with my dad this morning.

2012-08-05: convinced my mother to buy some “unexpected” shoes.

2012-08-01: creativity block there has been little activity here the past year. this is a side effect of many things. including, …

2012-07-28: sometimes plans get cancelled.

2012-07-28: eating oatmeal cookies and reminiscing about playing broom ball.

2012-07-27: pure gold

2012-07-25: a review of “the dark knight rises” would simply not do it justice.

2012-07-25: few objects exert as much power over human willpower

2012-07-25: new operating system day

2012-07-24: no bare feet allowed at grandma’s

2012-07-24: flower shopping with my grandparents

2012-07-23: science is super cool!




2012-07-20: dear “the Internet”, it is now appropriate to address me simple as “the …

2012-07-20: this being a close second

2012-07-20: the pink paper clip is my favorite part.

2012-07-20: a collection of my brothers work.

2012-07-19: right now is the point where I withdraw from the internet because I will not be seeing batman until …

2012-07-19: the eccentricities of the world are truly charming


2012-07-18: the improv everywhere guys certainly know how to have fun

2012-07-17: dark knight rises soundtrack. every keystroke is that much more epic.

2012-07-17: my work computer is making noises similar to that of a boiling kettle (no whistling). seems normal.

2012-07-16: taught my grandfather how to see text messages on his cell phone tonight. not something I expected …

2012-07-16: according to my body going a year without playing ultimate frisbee was a horrible, horrible mistake.

2012-07-15: this afternoon was filled with muddy ultimate frisbee, ocean swimming, barbecue and friends. I shall …

2012-07-15: too much medium, not enough message.

2012-07-14: if it works, this is the coolest thing I have seen in a while.


2012-07-12: and my day is made.

2012-07-11: a friendly reminder

2012-07-10: my new favorite game.

2012-07-10: good morning

2012-07-09: “That’s the problem with the truth; generally speaking, you sound stupid or crazy when you say …

2012-07-07: the impossible has happened. I know someone whose favorite batman movie is batman and robin …

2012-07-07: sidewalk banana

2012-07-07: in a starbucks and the guy next to me is reading a book entitled “magic and …

2012-07-07: reconnecting with my hipster roots.

2012-07-03: this is my new favorite video

2012-06-29: croquet – horoscopes and shortcuts

2012-06-29: playing whopper dropper croquet

2012-06-29: got a grown up haircut.

2012-06-29: I’m a giant!

2012-06-28: so my afternoon was a little whimsical

2012-06-28: the future is invented by the people who don’t give a shit about the past.

2012-06-27: my new mug.

2012-06-26: lego fun for people stuck on computers

2012-06-26: came into work early. managed to avoid the torrential downpour that has now started

2012-06-23: there is nothing like the natural rhythm and power of rain

2012-06-17: remnants of a trip to the zoo

2012-06-15: karaoke and chess


2012-06-14: I am prepared for any and all audio capturing scenarios!

2012-06-12: you never know what you will find in wolfville

2012-06-08: because work is for productivity

2012-06-04: work station

2012-05-29: morning go juice

2012-05-27: this pretty well sums up my current living situation

2012-05-27: nothing but blue sky

2012-05-25: happy towel day you hoopy frood!

2012-05-24: music making taken by grant

2012-05-24: muffin has been hunted down and captured. balance has been returned to the world.

2012-05-24: my day has been derailed by a vanishing muffin. most curious.

2012-05-15: ukulele in the office can fix anything.

2012-05-13: fun with blocks

2012-05-12: overheard in theatre “I know this will sound weird but I’ve just dropped a scrabble …

2012-05-12: sitting in a theatre about to watch a screening of a film I made in the local film festival. …

2012-05-08: “Live from open Mike and Donna”

2012-05-08: when someone passes you a dollarstore timer and a screwdriver…

2012-05-05: maybe this person will give me food.

2012-04-15: getting help editing a film

2012-04-12: he missed me apparently.

2012-04-11: tonight marks the beginning of the most stressful week of the year.

2012-04-10: if you ever find yourself uttering the words “I’m not an idiot”, then you probably …

2012-04-10: possibly the least interesting book on the planet. but my dad wrote it!

2012-04-09: you know it’s a good night when!

2012-04-08: snowy sunday means a cuddly companion.

2012-04-05: mischief

2012-04-04: making music

2011-12-21: vulnerability and the ability to say I don’t know

2011-12-15: the paradox of choice. you aren’t as free as you might imagine.

2011-12-13: awesome article reminding people why math is so cool.

2011-12-12: this seems to have gone a bit wrong.

2011-12-02: formal friday has returned.

2011-11-30: excellent article on the church and answers

2011-11-30: a perfect example of correlation != causation.

2011-11-27: “solutions that work well enough aren’t the same as solutions that work well.” - …

2011-11-25: in fredericton. suggestions welcome.

2011-11-21: you know it is a good day when you use the word haberdasher seriously in common conversation.

2011-11-16: the lottery is a tax on people who don’t understand math.

2011-11-04: let us all hold a moment of silence as the maple leafs are the top of the league.

2011-11-01: attempted blood donation… started off great but then my body decided it had given enough.

2011-11-01: the appropriate method for carving a pumpkin

2011-10-14: today I learned that I am only 28 years from retirement… that seems a bit silly.

2011-10-13: “C is a poster child for why it’s essential to keep those people who know a thing can’t be …

2011-10-12: “think of all the poor students having to learn things!” -my reaction to no Internet at …

2011-10-07: best sentence I heard today “I’m not a UI designer or a graphics designer, BUT I have …


2011-09-30: according to my observations this week acadia has a tight rope walking group.

2011-09-27: does anyone have a spare snes controller they would like to donate to me?

2011-09-22: does being dyslexic suggest that you are predisposed to non-linear thinking?

2011-09-21: watching the penguins and red wings. it is that time of year again.

2011-09-16: it is a fine line between optimism and insanity.

2011-09-09: something I did.

2011-09-06: “who knew that I needed to be an air bender to play the trumpet” - me #learningisfun

2011-09-01: apparently it is robot programming competition season once again.

2011-08-31: just played a long set of random songs at the local l’arche house in wolfville. a good time …

2011-08-28: I made a friend yesterday.

2011-08-27: just witnessed a 911 Carrera S with roof racks and two bikes on top. I don’t have …

2011-08-15: you want a community? community is a large part of life. communities are things that businesses hope they can create and …

2011-08-14: “what does jenga have to do with adultery?” “well, you have to be careful where …

2011-08-11: starting to crave being on the ice again. fall can’t come soon enough.

2011-08-05: dear people of new minas. a blinking amber light does NOT equal a stop sign. please learn how to …

2011-08-04: the finished product

2011-08-04: peanut butter banana chocolate chip pancakes… what could go wrong.

2011-08-03: dear internet. thank you for this.

2011-08-03: dear @grantisagrant, thanks for all the rain man. I was totally joking last week.

2011-08-02: just finished hosting an open mic and then being photographed on a street corner wearing a suit …

2011-07-28: bat - 0. me - 1

2011-07-22: happy Pi approximation day canada! 22/7

2011-07-19: root beer floats. that is all.

2011-07-13: stepping out onto a cool foggy deck this morning threw me right back to the old bayside camp.

2011-07-11: pursuing creation what motivates us to create? where do we find our muse? I haven't been creating much lately. not …

2011-07-09: fcpx on a macbook air… verdict: it works. but not quickly.

2011-07-09: “the only thing worse than the dialog is how much dialog there is.” -mjke while watching …

2011-07-08: listening to maladroit. it is like a time machine made out of music


2011-07-05: managed to accidentally remove my contact lens. quite unexpected.

2011-07-05: new leather strap for my watch.

2011-07-02: 671 photos is too many photos for one excursion.


2011-07-01: while the loss of talbot had me quite sad the signing of steve sullivan has me quite excited for the …

2011-06-30: in good news my ACL is intact. in other news my left leg is longer than my right…

2011-06-29: why am I watching transformers 2. seriously though…

2011-06-29: uʍoɹℲ

2011-06-28: nothing makes you feel less smart than playing trivial pursuit from 1983

2011-06-28: that’s all folks!

2011-06-28: a super fitting question to win on.

2011-06-28: that damn pink piece! (popular culture… from 1980)


2011-06-28: girly photo 2 to pass time.

2011-06-28: girly photo to pass time.

2011-06-27: o canada!

2011-06-27: car batteries are stupid. thankfully one can overcome the battery with a manual transmission and …



2011-06-23: well… this is probably the most interesting thing the internet has shown me today.

2011-06-22: there is great truth to this comic.


2011-06-20: sometimes you need to drive a massive vehicle to really appreciate the fact that your car is small …

2011-06-19: there is something oddly reassuring about rolling thunder that shakes you to the bone.


2011-06-17: I made a new friend.

2011-06-14: summary of my evening.

2011-06-14: broken leg theatre – saturday at the al whittle theatre. come see local acts perform (including …


2011-06-14: a banjo ukulele crossbreed.



2011-06-13: the intersection of ocd and boredom. sorted and stacked coins.

2011-06-12: a perfect measure of the energy level in my house.



2011-06-11: city folk driving on a dirt road is hilarious and sad all at the same time.



2011-06-11: what is it about owls that makes us think they are wise. it is the eyebrows isn’t it? those …

2011-06-10: there is some magical quality to ancient egypt.


2011-06-09: the sound of a lawn mower might be the perfect accompaniment to a midday nap.

2011-06-09: standing at my desk making sure I am productive.


2011-06-08: apparently the 2011 general assembly of crows and ravens met this morning outside my window. matters …


2011-06-08: alarm clock

2011-06-07: why would adobe flash check for updates, show me there is a new release, and then not provide a way …

2011-06-06: fire trucks!

2011-06-06: beer. with blueberries!


2011-06-04: at what point does it stop being a nap?

2011-06-04: saturday mornings are made for rocky and bullwinkle cartoons in the same way that sunday afternoons …

2011-06-03: I am definitely enjoying the new matthew good album too much. I keep telling myself it isn’t …

2011-06-01: first watch I have owned in 8 years.

2011-06-01: it is always refreshing when server updates go exactly as planned. that never happens

2011-05-30: played my fourth game of ultimate in a week. while it isn’t hockey it is certainly more than …

2011-05-26: “build a man a fire, and he’ll be warm for a day. set a man on fire, and he’ll be warm …

2011-05-25: In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been …

2011-05-25: happy towel day, you hoopy frood!

2011-05-24: the http error code 418 is officially my favorite.

2011-05-24: you don’t realize the level of ocd you have until you come in and find the cleaning staff has …

2011-05-23: and then there is this. SO excited.

2011-05-23: apparently you only count for the census if you have a phone number. otherwise you aren’t a …

2011-05-22: I wish I could have a bumper sticker that says “warning: in case of raptors, this car will …

2011-05-18: sunny day, sweepin’ the clouds away…

2011-05-18: played at an open mic tonight. didn’t die, so there’s that.

2011-05-17: today I was reminded of the wayside school books and have a desire to read them. is there anyone …

2011-05-16: currently enjoying the movie future war with mjke and the mystery science gentlemen.

2011-05-14: me: “how does the alphabet work?” mjke: “m before q, except after b” me: …

2011-05-12: people watching from the library pub. wolfville is a strange and wonderful place.

2011-05-12: my coat smells like bonfire.

2011-05-11: acadia needs underground tunnels so I can get to the arena while avoiding the rain.

2011-05-09: grilled cheese has the secret power to make any day better.

2011-05-09: ah mondays. when you make coffee, pour it in a travel mug, and then forget it on the table when you …

2011-05-08: just think about the shape of strings an elephants……. and other things.

2011-05-02: my summer project is officially underway.

2011-05-02: dear social network guilt trippers. the sad side of living in a free country is that not voting is a …

2011-05-01: physics is cool.

2011-05-01: watching the capitals struggle against the lightning makes me feel slightly better about the …

2011-05-01: just think.

2011-05-01: flat out exhausted. time to head to the grocery store.

2011-04-26: relax The Mountain from TSO Photography on Vimeo.

2011-04-25: “not all of us have a degree in gymnasium!” mjke to ken while playing squash

2011-04-24: happy easter!

2011-04-23: portal 2

2011-04-22: the wikipedia discussion page for toilet paper over/under orientation is twice as long as the …

2011-04-20: the appropriate manual has been read. I will now wake up to find coffee in the pot. apparently I …

2011-04-20: the linear progression of time seems to do nothing except create problems.

2011-04-19: apparently I turned into an adult today?

2011-04-18: it is nights like this when you know you are unquestionably canadian. currently watching two hockey …

2011-04-18: dear news websites. when I load an article to read, DO NOT start auto-playing a video.

2011-04-15: dr. seuss knew how to rise to a challenge

2011-04-15: lunchtime nap: accomplished.

2011-04-15: there are some people who should have to pay a fee for every semi colon they (mis)use.

2011-04-14: putting the fun back into funerals!

2011-04-14: apparently when your cat missing for 2 days can be avoided by simply listening to the radio

2011-04-14: it’s in the act of making things that we figure out who we are

2011-04-14: is it bad that I want the canucks to be eliminated from the playoffs simply so that tsn will cover …

2011-04-14: my next destination


2011-04-11: who would have thought I would be having trouble getting my skates sharpened in april?

2011-04-11: accidentally slept 13 hours… interesting.

2011-04-10: in an effort to be more locally informed I attempted to add the rss feed of the chronicle herald. …

2011-04-08: worry is a misuse of your imagination

2011-04-07: the x-ray technician was quite clear on the fact that I wouldn’t be getting any super powers. …

2011-04-04: it is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not …

2011-04-03: the midnight watchman I often have found myself picking on the church. I do this not because I have been wronged by it any …

2011-04-02: I am currently more dressed up than I ever have been (excluding tuxedos) all for a comedy sketch.

2011-04-02: in a continued effort to make today about him my cat has injured his foot. he is sporting a sweet …

2011-04-02: you know your cat wants you awake when he starts plucking guitar strings to get your attention

2011-04-01: as it turns out today IS one of those days where owning a jolly roger comes in handy.

2011-03-30: go english!

2011-03-29: who knew that building a coffin could be so therapeutic.

2011-03-26: a latte made of snickers!

2011-03-26: apparently it is winter again.

2011-03-24: new comic book day!

2011-03-24: apparently the rule of thumb for academics is one slide per minute of presentation. and we then …

2011-03-24: acadia research summit

2011-03-23: poker night!

2011-03-23: when you spend a lot of time with performers and public speakers you forget how crippling it can be …

2011-03-23: some mornings you wake up and have forgotten how to be the person you want to be.

2011-03-22: tonight I play the role of videographer. yet another made up skill to include on the resume!

2011-03-22: maple latte and open mic

2011-03-21: purchasing a ukulele could possibly be the best purchase I have made in 2011

2011-03-21: dear tsn and nhl blackout rules. you frustrate me, someone who doesn’t own a tv, to no end.

2011-03-20: inspiration for the day

2011-03-19: excellent

2011-03-19: fell down a wikipedia hole last night. way too tired this morning.

2011-03-14: in celebration of π day.

2011-03-14: Happy π Day!

2011-03-11: decided that it is spring by wearing sandals out and about.

2011-03-11: listening to a man from bell aliant tell me about how web 2.0 will end the world

2011-03-10: for a group of people that spend time designing human experiences architects really suck at internet …

2011-03-08: entropy isn’t what it used to be

2011-03-07: nature is so impressive

2011-03-06: first game as a head coach was a roaring success. 6-0 victory

2011-02-28: every day as I walk through the parking lot I wonder how SO MANY people can screw up something as …

2011-02-24: feeling like a grown up and doing my taxes.

2011-02-23: sage advice for any business

2011-02-18: tonight I learned that roald dahl wrote a james bond movie. who knew?

2011-02-17: the alegbra here seems sound

2011-02-13: “a woman has the last word in any argument. (anything a man says after that is the beginning …

2011-02-11: tonight at 6:45pm in berwick there will be a sledge hockey game. all should come watch.

2011-02-08: vulnerability.

2011-02-04: invention has a strange family tree, what with it’s mother neccesity and grandparents laziness …

2011-02-03: thank goodness for cast iron radiators in the office. the perfect place to sit and dry off

2011-01-29: I once again fell for the cookie trap. those are RAISINS!!!!

2011-01-28: at the axemen v dal hockey game. going on the ice between periods two and three with the sledge …

2011-01-27: for all my math friends out there.

2011-01-25: enjoying delicious soup compliments of @peanut

2011-01-24: my house smells like bacon. I thought you should know.

2011-01-22: today I earned my nova scotian merit badge by going skating on the outdoor oval. on an unrelated …

2011-01-19: “a house divided against itself is a duplex” -wheezywaiter

2011-01-17: science is SO cool!

2011-01-15: a rousing glow in the dark game of snoquet (snow croquet) really can make you tired out.

2011-01-14: I am officially a typography nerd. I am raging against the lack of use of em dash

2011-01-13: actually used wolfram alpha to answer a question tonight. never thought it would be practical.

2011-01-13: whose line is it anyway gets a new name and comes back!. The original link is dead. Use this instead

2011-01-11: database engineer’s certainly have an interesting take on the world

2011-01-10: you know it is going to be a good week when this is what you see :D

2011-01-08: playing squash today for the first time in far too long.

2011-01-07: finding an unopened box of wheat thins in your desk is one of the best surprises a day can hold.

2011-01-06: my office has developed an “everything is okay” siren. stupid cast iron radiator is …

2011-01-05: currently watching the penguins play and the team canada pre game. #youarecanadianwhen

2011-01-01: ovetchkin leaves his feet every time he hits someone, yet never receives a penalty. how is that …

2011-01-01: the realization that I have all of scrubs on my computer and 6 more days vacation is a bad combo.

2010-12-31: the more hacker conference presentations I watch, the more I realize that they, while brilliant, do …

2010-12-31: just got a book specifically about interaction design. couldn’t be more excited or more nerdy …

2010-12-31: today while in staples I overheard a clerk telling a customer that “you can’t run a …

2010-12-31: pens v caps alumni game. awesome way to start a day! #letsgopens

2010-12-28: What Teachers make

2010-12-28: Check this video out

2010-12-27: made the jump to composite stick today. can’t argue with 65% off.

2010-12-23: santas workshop.


2010-12-19: this is the true meaning of christmas

2010-12-19: this video contains my entire bucket list.

2010-12-17: TEDTalks : Diana Laufenberg: How to Learn? This is one of the best talks on education I’ve …

2010-12-14: the feeling that checking to find that your servers have all come back up appropriately after a …

2010-12-14: funny how you can’t check your acadia email when the university servers have no power.

2010-12-14: there is nothing like 1982 trivial pursuit by candlelight!

2010-12-13: for those times when you find a full box of candles but have no candle holders.

2010-12-13: hey nova scotia… WHERE DID WINTER GO!

2010-12-08: someone should invent a counter that toasts bagels. that way when I forget to put them into the …

2010-12-06: while I may not know much about office etiquette I definitely know when a star wars quote is …

2010-12-05: tv companies that advertise their advanced picture quality by “showing” it in their ads …

2010-12-01: best advent calendar EVER.

2010-11-19: the best part of Halifax rush hour is that everyone seems content to sit in it leaving the side …

2010-11-17: <math teacher>coolest things I have seen in a while!</math teacher>

2010-11-13: it would seem that I have developed an addiction. at least it is just to playing hockey and not …

2010-11-07: someone forgot to explain the finer points of time changes to my cat.

2010-11-05: you know it is windy out when a puddle you are looking at has been blown away a second later

2010-11-05: remember, remember the fifth of november

2010-11-03: what kind of ingredient is flavour?

2010-11-03: this. i.imgur.com/4HcfB.jpg

2010-11-03: callused hearts being a good christian teenager attending camps and youth group the one subject that I was taught …

2010-10-31: UPS: when you need your package delivered to people you don’t know in a town you don’t …

2010-10-28: ups why do you always disappoint me

2010-10-28: apparently chris pronger - who is 6’ 6” - wears size 7 ½ skates. it’s a …

2010-10-23: there’s no better way to start a day than early morning ice time!

2010-10-21: error of the day. “Microsoft auto-update cannot complete update until you quit Microsoft …

2010-10-21: before today I knew that I had worn my 1 year supply of contacts longer than a year. today I learned …

2010-10-20: best bumper sticker EVER!

2010-10-20: institutions of man this fall has brought many changes to my life. like the leaves falling from trees, long standing …

2010-10-19: the Internet should know that today I was slapped in the face with a pancake.

2010-10-18: having to read marking material has to be one of the most disgusting parts of my job. they …

2010-10-17: who knew?

2010-10-16: going to the hospital!

2010-10-15: today I learned that hockey helmets expire. who knew??

2010-10-14: apparently updating office for mac requires safari to close… not cool

2010-10-13: does anyone have an old 15” iMac (lamp style) that they want to get rid of? or know of someone …

2010-10-06: today is the first day of the 2010-2011 NHL season. today is an excellent day.

2010-10-06: today I learned that the retractable top button is the greatest innovation that the dress shirt has …

2010-10-05: one of the best talks I have listened to in a long time.

2010-10-04: when did ben stein stop being funny and start being flat out crazy?

2010-09-27: what kind of postal system do we have where a post office cannot look something up by tracking …

2010-09-26: this is truly how pizza should be delivered.

2010-09-26: whoever decided users should be able to flag their emails as “important” was a moron. …

2010-09-26: cooking supper for some lovely ladies.

2010-09-25: first ice time of the year. mostly want to die now but it felt great.

2010-09-24: why do I always think new minas on a saturday afternoon is a good idea?

2010-09-24: Multitasking is a lie - your brain needs a break :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Andy Ihnatko There’s …

2010-09-23: if you don’t love until it hurts then you never knew how to love in the first place.

2010-09-22: sufjan and coldplay – at the same time?!?

2010-09-21: netflix in canada. today is a good day.

2010-09-19: for the enjoyment of all.

2010-09-16: rain falls refreshing spirits without us noticing. instead we try to avoid it by running for …

2010-09-14: I find myself wishing I had an archenemy.

2010-09-13: “I’d give it 20 years. Partly due to the improvements in technology. And partly to the …

2010-09-02: it would seem that I have succeeded at officially becoming a heretic!

2010-08-27: I stepped out my front door and heard a bird call that instantly made me think that ecto-1 must be …

2010-08-22: this is my kind of tuxedo t-shirt (Internet Archive)

2010-08-20: sweet crap! gas is cheaper in nova scotia than it is in new brunswick!

2010-08-20: while in a Starbucks in Moncton an employee identified me as “hey it’s griff from drum …

2010-08-12: Be wary of any idea that requires a long explanation…And be twice as wary of anything that …

2010-08-12: Why Russians Don’t Get Depressed According to Grossman and Kross, however, not all brooders and …

2010-08-11: some people are going to be crazy no matter what you say to them. It seems that the folks at …

2010-08-02: does anyone have super nintendo controllers they are willing to part with? mine met a rabbit …

2010-07-31: wolfville seems to be inexplicably excited that it is the last day of July. fireworks and …

2010-07-29: happy system admin day!

2010-07-29: vacation until august 9th.

2010-07-25: hoping that a bowl of apple cinnamon cheerios will banish this inexplicably fowl mood that I find …

2010-07-22: you cannot hold on to who someone is. all you can do is choose to grow with them.

2010-07-22: in canada it is time once again to celebrate π approximation day, what with it being 22/7

2010-07-22: The Top Idea in Your Mind I think most people have one top idea in their mind at any given time. …

2010-07-19: hot day + stray chocolate chip + white shorts = laundry time.

2010-07-19: why does my cars a/c smell like the inside of a bag of mcdonalds take out?

2010-07-18: if you ever find your day dragging I suggest listening to solo ukulele music (see James Hill) as a …

2010-07-15: scientists create malaria-proof mosquito - science is awesome.

2010-07-13: time to go outside and get soaked to the bone by rain.

2010-07-10: a rainy afternoon at port george followed by a meal at the lawrencetown restaurant. spectacular.

2010-07-06: my kingdom for a gust of wind!

2010-07-05: scrambled eggs and cheesecake. that is how supper is done.

2010-07-04: waking up with tubthumper by chumbawamba in your head is a really really really weird experience.

2010-06-29: surprise paydays are… well surprising.

2010-06-27: brazil is definitely putting on a show!

2010-06-27: it would seem to me that twitter has going down at the same time as brazil scoring two goals …

2010-06-26: tried to watch batman & robin today. knew it would be bad but I didn’t even make it …

2010-06-24: new slogan for when work related problems. “time for emergency candy!” -ross

2010-06-23: a great article that everyone who cares about anyone should read.

2010-06-20: for DPR Korea all I can says “that’s not gone well”

2010-06-20: welcome to the longest day of the year

2010-06-20: “we like simple explanations of reality because we like control” - donald miller

2010-06-19: to fear death is to fear life itself.

2010-06-18: four bonfires in seven days. nothing better than summer.

2010-06-15: Catholic Church Hides Wealth in Germany - no wonder people don’t trust the church. church …

2010-06-14: I am so stoked for group g action today! it seems like all the games in this group will be really …

2010-06-14: game starts in 5 minutes. go brazil!

2010-06-14: and just like that my cleaning OCD has kicked in. so much so that I am not even in my house anymore.

2010-06-13: Little liars grow up to be great leaders Lying involves multiple brain processes, such as …

2010-06-11: the Stanley cup playoffs followed immediately by the world cup is quite possibly the best sporting …

2010-06-11: note: Mormon ladies are much more comfortable with a dude in a towel coming to the door than jw men …

2010-06-11: bonfire!

2010-06-10: the world cup opening ceremony really impressive.

2010-06-08: today is the day I learn about the doctor.

2010-06-08: scientific approaches to god there was a stage in my life where the staple food was a peanut butter and jam sandwich, I had it …

2010-06-06: is it too much to expect that your HR department can read a birthday off a form correctly.

2010-06-04: if there is a better book than the lorax I have never heard of it.

2010-06-03: why is internet explorer so bad at the internet!!!!!

2010-06-02: a life changer it once again has entered into the realm of too long since my last post but I am going to break that …

2010-06-01: waking up to pancakes is the best ever.

2010-05-31: homemade fudgesicles are the best idea ever.

2010-05-31: best day! super loud thunder and lighting!

2010-05-30: some of the best comments on the state of education from steve jobs almost 15 years ago. …

2010-05-30: I include an extra space at the end of text messages just so that the phone company has to work a …

2010-05-29: this Stanley Cup final is not going to be known for its goaltending.

2010-05-28: being handy!

2010-05-27: AMAZING comic about scientists v engineers.

2010-05-26: and with that two AA batteries have made their way into the back of my original gameboy color.

2010-05-25: you know you have signed up for a winning softball team when you, the person who doesn’t play …

2010-05-24: towel day. celebrate it. if you have no idea why, I feel for you.

2010-05-23: rocking it drive in style

2010-05-22: 31 degrees is foolishly hot. however it is perfect weather for a wonderful Sunday afternoon nap!

2010-05-21: the real question is will I make it to a gas station before running out?

2010-05-21: 2010 wedding #1 done. just barely not late for the ceremony!

2010-05-20: in the last week I have had my suspicions confirmed. Montreal fans have two settings. obnoxious and …

2010-05-20: nothing quite as thrilling as recompiling a web server to have support for one feature. go open …

2010-05-18: I think my favorite part of the montreal philly series is that the philly fans are actually properly …

2010-05-18: actually new favorite thing about Montreal Philly series. seeing how frustrated montreal fans get!

2010-05-17: for those of you who want to have an interesting day. try thinking about things in a whole new way.

2010-05-17: try not to obsess over implementation until you really understand the problem

2010-05-17: required reading for anyone who thinks they know what is going on.

2010-05-17: for all you seinfeld fans! – Seinfeld Trailer - “George”

2010-05-16: “One of the most important things you learn from the internet is that there is no ‘them’ out …

2010-05-16: for a group that believe in absolute truth christians sure pick and choose when to look at facts.

2010-05-13: wow. windows users can now do multi person video calls with skype now. welcome to functionality mac …

2010-05-12: well it’s been a good ride pens. haven’t had to cheer for anyone else since 2007.

2010-05-12: I would be more impressed with halak as a goalie if anyone ever shot the puck high for him to save.

2010-05-12: warning: my appearance will slowly approach hobo over the next week to aid in an experiment.

2010-05-12: is there anything more delightful than a gigabit switch when it comes to transferring video.

2010-05-12: and just like that the excitement of steam for mac is gone. replaced by starcraft 2 beta.

2010-05-10: feel pretty much like microwaved garbage. and the pens game didn’t help.

2010-05-08: coming home to a super cuddly cat is the best part of going away

2010-05-07: day 2 of the most ridiculous job I have ever volunteered for

2010-05-05: fact of the day. the peter principal.

2010-05-05: pro: off work early today. con: have to be at work for 7am tomorrow.

2010-05-04: if there is a better smell than cool spring rain I have never found it.

2010-04-29: so of late I have actually been having dreams, and it is messing with my head because I keep …

2010-04-29: a free venti latte and getting to see cory chaisson make music? best Friday night

2010-04-29: you know you are in a baptist church when a leader introduces an “unknown, new” song …

2010-04-28: that makes 3 straight games where montreal didn’t blow 2-0 leads. who is this team?

2010-04-28: camera nerds are simply the best.

2010-04-27: tonight will be the last time that I will cheer for the canadiens, I look forward to a shower and …

2010-04-26: why does software from microsoft not respect standard OS X usability guidelines!

2010-04-25: setting up entourage 2008 has fully convinced me that no one at microsoft has a sweet clue about how …

2010-04-24: is there a sentence that undermines another person faster than “and that’s their …

2010-04-23: I think the most impressive thing about the montreal win last night was that they got a 2-0 lead and …

2010-04-21: you know it is going to be a good day when you wake up with the Dr. Horrible soundtrack in your …

2010-04-21: this pretty much speaks for itself.

2010-04-20: bbqing after dark. that means it is summer right.

2010-04-15: people are stupid. now you are prepared to get things done in the real world.

2010-04-14: for all my divinity/pastor friends. www.dokimos.org/ajff/

2010-04-13: truth.

2010-04-13: finally we have reached the most wonderful season of the year. playoffs.

2010-04-11: a video totally worth watching.

2010-04-08: enjoying a simple night at home watching the last penguins home game in the igloo.

2010-04-08: “Maybe they’re interested because they have been spoken to honestly, which is the way …

2010-04-07: hopefully shooting a short video tonight. looking for a dark room, directional light and willing …

2010-04-05: scrabble allowing proper nouns??? what has the world come to.

2010-04-04: lunch has been had and discount easter candy found.

2010-04-02: starting my day off right

2010-04-02: saw a number of people from high school at the Halifax market this morning. that never happens.

2010-03-30: everyday you can either be as happy as you want to be or as happy as others say you should be. …

2010-03-28: ready for childhood memories to be ruined? good.

2010-03-25: who the heck time shifted december into march?

2010-03-24: made it home just in time to watch the pens v caps ot

2010-03-21: watching the old white house being torn down on my lunch break.

2010-03-21: pears are quite possibly the most delicious thing on earth!

2010-03-20: does anyone have a use for a 64 slot CD wallet thingy? let me know and it is yours!

2010-03-20: “I have my own crossbow range. it’s a perfect situation for me” -Dwight Schrute.

2010-03-19: first BBQ of the season. it’s a beautiful day!

2010-03-18: watched the sun rise in the rear view mirror.

2010-03-18: there is nothing quite as exhilarating as brushing up on regular expressions!

2010-03-18: programming for edge cases of user input is every bit as annoying as I remembered it being.

2010-03-18: a must read for anyone doing anything and has the desire to choose multiple typefaces for their work

2010-03-17: why is it that the one day that I want the apple store to be online that the education portion seems …

2010-03-16: just signed into ICQ. surprisingly no one was online. who would have thought.

2010-03-16: am I the only person that gets annoyed by the fact that tesla had working wireless power …

2010-03-16: go make something at some point in my life the word creative became a synonym for the arts. or at least creativity as …

2010-03-13: how could I have made it more than half way through today without realizing that it is Pi day!

2010-03-13: just finished a beautiful 2 hour Sunday afternoon nap. what did you do that was productive today?

2010-03-12: being what you are recently I spent a friday night with some good friends in a lovely pub type restaurant in halifax. …

2010-03-11: watching freaks and geeks for the first time. quite the cast of actors and also a great show in …

2010-03-10: my first though upon waking up this morning was “is there really more than one way to skin a …

2010-03-08: you know your country really loves it’s sport when

2010-03-07: vacation day! that is all.

2010-03-06: put on a pair of shoes that I hadn’t worn in months only to discover a bobby pin in my right …

2010-03-06: time for the handyman’s secret weapon. duct tape! in this instance it will be playing to role …

2010-03-04: while I definitely miss the olympics I really must say that I love having the NHL back in action.

2010-03-02: to love without limits I will lead with a brief thought. there hasn't been anything posted in a while. it certainly hasn't …

2010-02-26: at a pub with coloring books!

2010-02-25: I love living in the future. sitting in my car in a parking lot watching the gold medal hockey game …

2010-02-25: a power failure in Halifax makes for most interesting driving conditions.

2010-02-24: now this is the hockey I have been wanting to watch for a long time.

2010-02-24: last night I learned there is one thing Disney won’t put their name on. compliments of my good …

2010-02-23: having mild OCD tendencies and access to server logs is not a good combination.

2010-02-23: it is surprisingly difficult to do web development on a server when one has no connection to that …

2010-02-22: currently pondering what one has to do to become a postman.

2010-02-21: Ryan miller is starting to remind me of mike richter circa 1996 world cup.

2010-02-21: who would have thought you could go so long without eating kraft dinner that you would need to look …

2010-02-18: making pasta and watching hockey. it’s bachelor night!

2010-02-18: well I never expected our hockey team to fall apart this badly this quickly. this hockey is barely …

2010-02-18: I must say that in all of the mens hockey I have seen that the quality of referees truly has been …

2010-02-17: this sweden germany game is surprisingly good. the same can’t really be said for the referees …

2010-02-16: to agree to love is to agree to have your heart continuously broken

2010-02-15: favorite moment at the bank today, my name was too long for their computer system.

2010-02-14: laid down for a sunday afternoon nap yesterday… woke up monday morning. intriguing.

2010-02-12: clothes shopping? why do I do this again?

2010-02-11: a sign that you probably played too much smash bros with someone when this is the souviner they …

2010-02-11: met a delightful man at a gas station who has warned me of inclimate conditions. talking to …

2010-02-09: I have had my fill of crazy extremist views for one day and am hoping that everyone I encounter for …

2010-02-08: three months into not using uppercase letters in general use has gone swimmingly.

2010-02-08: it seems that all eclassroom solution discussions turn into attempts at slamming the competition …

2010-02-08: is there anything better than pub food?

2010-02-06: the leafs have managed a 3-0 lead yet again. wonder if they will blow this one?

2010-02-05: realizing that one must really be careful when you start reading articles on wikipedia. I just …

2010-02-05: how should you spend your Saturday afternoon when you are 24? wheel of fortune for NES of course

2010-02-05: it would be easier to solve puzzles on nes wheel of fortune if they spelled words correctly.

2010-02-05: whats going on in wolfville tonight? feel like doing something however I have no idea what to do

2010-02-03: airport run completed. now to wake up.

2010-02-03: human beings are truly interesting creatures. Archive.org

2010-02-02: while updating my alumni information online I selected a title of commodore. their fault for giving …

2010-01-31: overflow cafe.

2010-01-30: after discussing the pros and cons of various Chinese food outlets Mjke and I arrived at the …

2010-01-29: robot programming competition setup

2010-01-29: 2/3 through robot competition. only had to stare down 1 teacher so far.

2010-01-26: tegan & sara concert. good times.

2010-01-25: something I have been saying for years about math education (not the gender part, but the skill of …

2010-01-25: for some reason I am under the impression that it is suppose to be a rainy day. except there is just …

2010-01-22: chilling at freemans playing pool and eating pizza. friday nights were made for this.

2010-01-19: “you have the best pr of any crazy person I have ever met” -my roommate’s …

2010-01-18: often I think people add things to powerpoint just because they can. this will not help anything. …

2010-01-17: unexpected resources can really change your mindset on how something works

2010-01-16: a hard skate is just what the body needed.

2010-01-14: does anyone know why there were like 6 police cars by hennigers?

2010-01-14: who knew that jousting could be an official sport of a place

2010-01-12: today the wet sprinklers in a building were shut down for repair. are dry sprinklers like dry …

2010-01-11: the single best school ever and where I now want to teach.

2010-01-10: people can be so cruel. aibohphobia is the fear of palindromes. that is not cool!

2010-01-08: I think I would really enjoy a career as a process server.

2010-01-06: new strategy for making work afternoons fly by. not taking lunch until 1:30.

2010-01-05: hockey doesn’t get better than this.

2010-01-05: I think the only thing better than this game right now is how many people are watching it. I love my …

2010-01-03: in bed before 10! I win.

2010-01-03: anyone interested in languages really should read this article

2010-01-01: snowstorm driving is simply the best.

2009-12-31: home with access to all my music again. delightful.

2009-12-31: finally! the snow has arrived!

2009-12-30: my #2010wish is that I will learn how to pick locks. a bit non standard but probably useful.

2009-12-30: what are you hiding? so this is the year end, many people generally take some time to look back upon the year that was …

2009-12-29: been working on a year end blog entry for two days now. so far I have a title.

2009-12-29: finished blog entry, only took three days. should be posted soon. posting while driving on the …

2009-12-26: saw holmes with the family. quite a good show

2009-12-24: using the internet while on the highway to my grandparents! I love living in the future!

2009-12-23: watching the pens game and the canada v czech game. apparently cable tv does have benefits.

2009-12-22: after six years of wearing the same type of socks tomorrow marks a trial period where I try to find …

2009-12-22: a true spirit of christmas!

2009-12-22: currently playing super mario world with my brother. this is what Christmas eve eve is about!

2009-12-21: regretting my choice of not bringing some of my iTunes with me.

2009-12-21: I have decided that moncton should replace all traffic lights with traffic cops since no one looks …

2009-12-20: it is completely official. driving in snowy conditions is my favorite thing in the whole world.

2009-12-20: currently experimenting with pandora for music. christmas break means I am without my iTunes lib …

2009-12-20: when was the last time that you used the yellow/white pages for anything?

2009-12-19: I can’t be the only one who gets annoyed by the whole Arian Jesus thing am I

2009-12-18: chilling in Hali. starbucks and comic book store both visited = successful trip.

2009-12-17: only 5 more hours until christmas vacation. plus a christmas party tonight!

2009-12-17: shutting down the office machine for 2009. not back until 2010!

2009-12-16: well, its -13. probably should have checked that before walking to work.

2009-12-16: normally the technology services department sends an email when some system has failed. what happens …

2009-12-16: there must be something warming about boiling water judging by the number of times I have boiled the …

2009-12-15: thanks to dooly’s I have a free hour of pool as a christmas present. sweet.

2009-12-14: you aren’t paying as much attention as you think you are

2009-12-14: science is awesome. that is all.

2009-12-14: to make up for the failed link earlier. math is awesome. that is all.

2009-12-13: all the members of my unit at work are out today. makes for a quiet office

2009-12-12: playing the game of life. couldn’t ask for a better saturday night.

2009-12-10: while not new, this is “the season” so it bears repeating

2009-12-10: bill murry movie night is now in session.

2009-12-08: the greatest thing I have probably seen ever. I ♥ math!

2009-12-07: tonight I am playing the role of sound expert!

2009-12-05: concerned that I may be getting up early for church only to find it will be cancelled.

2009-12-05: in case anyone is wondering, the answer is no, it is not nice outside.

2009-12-05: so excited. I can’t remember the last time I was at a christmas concert.

2009-12-04: apparently before uranus was called uranus it was named herschel. i shall henceforth be referring to …

2009-12-02: the discovery that I can play facebook scrabble from my iPhone may have just rekindled a very …

2009-12-02: I have officially decided that my grandparents are the most amazing and interesting people in the …

2009-12-01: apparently distributing the wolfville winter parking regulations as a word perfect document seemed …

2009-12-01: the power of being a stranger.

2009-11-30: on average how many elephant trainers are killed by their elephants in a year? 13. thank you trivial …

2009-11-30: with the passing of midnight we mark the first day of december and thus the first advent calendar …

2009-11-30: nothing quite like a little mental challenge

2009-11-30: apparently someone turned off the Internet faucet at acadia. still a trickle but if they would so …

2009-11-30: who knew that ‘snafu’ was an acronym? thanks trivial pursuit.

2009-11-29: made myself a nice cup of tea this morning. set it down to put my headphones on and never picked it …

2009-11-29: I just realized that for some reason we seem to have a good hockey team here at acadia again… …

2009-11-29: I am starting to believe that everything in life should have an API. easy to learn and simplifies …

2009-11-29: loving my job. just said to a coworker ‘if anyone comes looking for you I will send them on a …

2009-11-29: ‘obliquity and approaching perihelion’ is the reason for the season!

2009-11-29: going to have to break out my regex skills tomorrow.

2009-11-26: astronauts smuggle turkey to space station? awesome.

2009-11-26: computer programmers were never meant to deal with people.

2009-11-26: while backing up my phone data I have discovered that I average about 42 text messages a day.

2009-11-26: mind blowing fact of the day: if you write 3.14 on a piece of paper and hold it in a mirror, it will …

2009-11-26: the weather outside can be best described as pea soup. could it be more delightful!

2009-11-25: if I still needed a reason to be happy that I switched to rogers for my cell service I believe that …

2009-11-24: many hours of childhood work were invalidated today in one fell swoop.

2009-11-24: with all the sun recently I had forgotten just how nice it a misty grey day is!

2009-11-24: seriously considering obtaining this product when it is available. www.wakemate.com #wakemate

2009-11-23: “strangers have a bad reputation” “a few bad strangers ruined it for the rest of …

2009-11-22: sadly I mist admit that until wikipedia pointed it out to me tonight I had never made the connection …

2009-11-22: don’t you hate it when the bug you having been trying to find for an hour turns out to be …

2009-11-20: currently considering dropping capital letters from general use. should be interesting. may have to …

2009-11-18: It is my observation that we have reached the point of the year where residence friends become …

2009-11-16: Renamed my office today.

2009-11-16: Entertaining Diagram.

2009-11-15: How to Teach Math: Dead Link

2009-11-15: The good news keeps rolling for the Penguins. Now Goligoski is out injured. Thats 4 out of 6 D!! …

2009-11-14: Worst showing at hockey yet. I think I left my legs somewhere in my house.

2009-11-14: Listening to the pens game on a Bruins Radio Network. I feel like my living room has become enemy …

2009-11-13: The view all around from where I stand right now

2009-11-12: Spent five hours visiting my grandparents. Many funny dynamite stories were told by my grandfather.

2009-11-11: Nothing quite like a mid november vacation to get caught up on the important things. Sleep. Reading. …

2009-11-09: Early start to my day. Road tripping with my boss.

2009-11-08: Who wants a google wave invite? I have 19 invites… No idea where they came from.

2009-11-08: After inviting 10 people to Google Wave my 19 invites have turned into 6…… Intriguing.

2009-11-07: I have realized just how much I enjoy talking to myself. Am I still crazy if I am aware of it?

2009-11-07: Arrived home to find the leafs beating the wings 3-0. Did the rapture occur and I missed it?

2009-11-07: “Parables subvert this desire to make faith simple and understandable” — Peter Rollins

2009-11-05: Pittsburgh needs to stop playing on the other side of the continent so that I can know how the games …

2009-11-05: I like that a story about the struggling Caroline Hurricanes losing streak gets assign a picture of …

2009-11-05: Apparently Kings County had a snowfall warning…. I wonder which Kings County that was.

2009-11-05: Are companies really this out of touch with their customers

2009-11-04: I know of no reason Why the gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot

2009-11-04: After 3 years of constant problem free use of my Mighty Mouse its scroll ball has stopped. I think …

2009-11-04: what are you afraid of? How often through a course of a day are we afraid? I think it might be more than we would really …

2009-11-03: Red Alert on my phone? That seems like a terrible idea.

2009-11-02: uʍoɹℲ

2009-11-02: I am starting to believe that skipping breakfast for that extra 15 minutes of sleep was not a fair …

2009-11-01: Once again UPS is demonstrating just why they are my arch-nemisis.

2009-10-31: Autumn

2009-10-30: Spending my morning being a hipster.

2009-10-30: Great stories only happen when fear is left behind.

2009-10-29: I have decided that I need to work somewhere that I wear a lab coat every day. That or I am just …

2009-10-29: With some ingenuity and some duct tape I saved friday afternoon smoothies!

2009-10-28: It is a quiet office today, sick people everywhere.

2009-10-27: There is something hauntingly beautiful about the full warm sound of an acoustic guitar.

2009-10-26: Wondering what people mean by saying that facebook change things back when in fact they just changed …

2009-10-26: With a name like deadline I would think that people would be more concerned with finishing projects.

2009-10-26: First NASA makes bombing the moon boring and now they make shooting a rocket off boring. It is a sad …

2009-10-26: From the daily show: “if your reject science then you shouldn’t be allowed technology at …

2009-10-26: Having unshielded audio equipment makes me feel prescient about when people will send me text …

2009-10-25: I find it hard to believe why people think that unions are a good idea.

2009-10-25: I am very much looking forward to the time change, My body thinks my alarm clock is lying and that …

2009-10-25: I am always entertained by talk of having a query “developed” for a project. As if it …

2009-10-23: Taught 75 teenagers this morning that just being “good” christians is missing the point …

2009-10-22: Good ol’ Outlook! Error on startup advising me to delete my .pst file with no indication as to …

2009-10-22: This is the point where I pretend that I am prepared and ready to teach teenagers tomorrow morning!

2009-10-21: Sitting on my kitchen floor with my cat in my lap. Very peaceful.

2009-10-21: Don’t you love arbitrary computer repair. Hard Drive not appearing, unplug both ends of cable, …

2009-10-20: There is very little that is as disappointing as a bottle of cheap Honey Roasted Peanuts.

2009-10-20: Just discovered that they are in fact still making Big Shiny Tunes albums… Seriously!?!

2009-10-19: Statistics are a strange and wonderful thing. Apparently since I got my car I have driven an average …

2009-10-18: Now this is a sport! Parahawking!

2009-10-17: Due to popular demand the even odd beard cycle proposal has been rejected and the beard has been …

2009-10-16: Watching mythbusters duct tape special justifies all of my faith in duct tape as well as every red …

2009-10-15: It is officially weird that I see stundents I have taught walking around Acadia as students.

2009-10-15: I have never understood the whole Homecoming fascination. Maybe it is because I haven’t …

2009-10-14: Having two days off at the beginning of a work week is not a good thing. While staring at a calendar …

2009-10-13: Current Goal: Obtain a rotary dial phone. If you have knowledge or resources that could be …

2009-10-13: OH while passing out flyers for a food drive “Its kind of like trick or Treating!”

2009-10-03: Now this is how you start a day.

2009-09-13: The single greatest present ever.

2009-09-11: chalk dust So this week I decided to update the visuals of my blog, this is not news of course as I have …

2009-09-08: time traveling So this past weekend I completed yet another lap around the sun and the above photo was the sweet …

2009-09-08: Christmas in the office!

2009-09-05: My brother wins an award for best gift to anyone ever.

2009-08-21: rip van winkle I have returned! Funny story. I was gearing up to write a number of blog entries on some deep and …

2009-08-02: View from one of my favorite places on earth.

2009-07-26: Apparently there is a native population of witches that drivers must look out for at keji

2009-07-18: This is the highlight of returning home

2009-07-08: Nothing like opening a fresh bottle of crunchy peanut butter!

2009-07-05: Creation of the day. From scratch at that.

2009-06-28: My afternoon.

2009-06-16: the foundations of a promise I am a huge fan of crazy theories and doing the unexpected. So one day I got to thinking about …

2009-06-10: a matter of semantics or heretics Well it has been more than a month since I have written anything. While part of me feels that not …

2009-05-06: Anyone care to follow down the rabbit hole?

2009-05-05: all you need is love Tonight as I drove home in the rain I decided I would turn my radio to my default radio station, CBC …

2009-04-18: conviction tension So I spent some more time thinking about ideas of regret today and about some of the comments that …

2009-04-14: working hard or hardly working? Seeing that it is the end of another university school year, the sixth time I have witnessed this …

2009-04-11: and now for something completely different! Last night I was uploading some videos to youtube for just the second time ever. In the process …

2009-04-07: do i regret to inform you? Of late I have spent a lot of time thinking about truth, honesty, lies, liars, and living in general …

2009-04-05: saving the trees with email, but what about our sanity Now I am probably not your typical computer user, what with having a degree in computer science and …

2009-03-31: random fruit checkpoints... So the last time I crossed the boarder from Canada into the USA the only question that seemed to be …

2009-03-04: i can't believe i'm blogging about uranus So a month ago my brother and I were locked in the grips of serious discussion for several hours, …

2009-02-25: food for thought Over my spring break I took some time to listen to the book “The Last Lecture” which was …

2009-02-20: can you be good with religion? For those of you that know me well, you know that I have a strong opinion on just about any topic …

2009-02-08: of life and perception So last night I decided that sleep would be for suckers and stayed up the entire night, returning …

2009-02-03: when baristas strike back I started today engaging a friend in a conversation about the fact that it is his birthday and today …