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Craft Draught Showdown – August 2020

For the second time since March I went to a fancy dinner, and like the last time it was back to The Carleton for another of their Craft Draught Showdowns. This time featuring Big Spruce and Upstreet

The Menu

Menu for the 5 course meal including the beer pairings

Salmon Gravlax

Big Spruce: Inhaled Affirmative Upstreet: Lime Light Lo-Cal Lager

Round 1 Beers

Round 1

Fennel Salad

Big Spruce: Tag! You’re It! Upstreet: Go Devil – IPA

Round 2 Beers

Round 2

Green Risotto

Big Spruce: Tripel Upstreet: De Novo V – Farmhouse Saison

Round 3 Beers

Round 3


Big Spruce: She’s Maibock Upstreet: Do Gooder IPA

Round 4 Beers

Round 4

Apple Pie Cheesecake Moose

Big Spruce: Snowmageddon Upstreet: ‘Million Acres’ Barrel Aged Cherry Saison

Round 5 Beers

Round 5