Sunny Sunday Siestas

Yesterday marked the completion of the first year of marriage for Raquel and I. To celebrate we spent the day on the South Shore in shops, at a Vineyard, and seeing a performance of Pirates of Penzance.


Enjoying the Staffroom Stout in Lunenburg on a patio as the weather alternates between Sun and Rain every 10 minutes or so.

Saturday family walk in the park with some duck watching.


Yesterday finally felt like summer. Got the hammock out and spent most of the day outside in a t-shirt!

Patiently waiting for breakfast to be served.

Hercules is embracing our practice of a lazy* Sunday morning.

* The 30m walk was before 7am so it doesn’t count.


Today we welcomed Hercules to our home.


Pair programming is important for software quality.

Sunday afternoons are made for napping.